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Diesel engines have significant advantages in extracting energy from fuel, but the cleanest diesels still produce more emissions than the cleanest spark-ignited gasoline engines. ... "The diesels will be cleaner and the gasoline engines will achieve greater fuel efficiency. ... The new GM Duramax direct-injection diesel, offered this fall in its 3500-series pickups and later in such big SUVs as the Tahoe and ...

144 pages

How to Customize Your Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Truck, 1999-2006HP 1526, Chassis & Suspension,Chassis & Suspension, Bodywork, CustomPaint, Bolt-On Engine Modifications, Lowering & Lifting, Interior Accessories

Creator: Editors of Truckin' Magazine | Transportation - 2008-03-04

Chevy. Trucks. Text. and. Photos. by. Steve. Warner. 1 . Whether it is for show or function, this former Truckin' project ... at the time, when diesel fuel was cheap, the added cost of the Duramax engine would provide better fuel economy over a  ...

Publisher: Penguin

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6r;;az;araaara§"""""'""" fuel economy (avg. mpg) i5?iEélal?{é§{éé') ' $47,979 Whether the assignment is work or play, Chevy's Silverado 2500HD powered by a Duramax diesel v-8 shoulders its task with good spirits. A Chevrolet Silverado ...

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Increase Your Duramax Diesel Fuel Economy 4-7 Miles Per Gallon
Over 10,000 Duramax Diesel trucks mileage tuned with a 95% success. You get the best of both worlds... more horsepower and better fuel efficiency. Call Now 1-888-874-4929

The Diesel Page - for the 6.2L, 6.5L, and Duramax Diesel ...
The new Duramax 6600 light-truck diesel engine has launched General Motors into the lead in performance, fuel economy, reliability, and driveability.

Diesel Place : Chevrolet and GMC Diesel Truck Forums ...
Diesel Place, a Duramax Diesel Discussion Forum ... SUPPORT YOUR CLUB, CHECK IN REGULARLY Club forums are private forums for club members only.

Best Duramax Fuel Filter That Can Actually Save You Money
Best Duramax Fuel Filter is something that every Duramax owner needs. This CAT fuel filter adapter allows Duramax owners to use a 2 micron filter.

Duramax Diesel get 4-7 MPG Fuel Mileage Increase
Gain up to 4-7 more miles per gallon with custom tuning of your Duramax Diesel engine control module. Fuel Mileage increase is possible.


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