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259 pages

Automotive Fuel Economy, How Far Should We Go?

Political Science - 1992-01-01

They use much higher compression ratios; they compress air rather than an air / fuel mixture; fuel is injected late in the compression ... The diesel's fuel economy is significantly higher, primarily because of its higher compression ratio, its use of  ...

Publisher: National Academies

About this book
Annotation Explores the technical, financial, psychological, environmental, and political factors weighing for and against significant improvement in gas mileage for American cars and light trucks. Acidic paper. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

13 pages

Assessment of Technologies for Improving Light Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy, Letter Report

Creator: Board on Energy and Environmental Systems, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences | Science - 2008-02-29

The committee will discuss them and their potential for improving fuel economy over the next 15 years in its final report. Fuel Economy Technologies for Compression-Ignition Engines The earlier NRC report did not consider diesel- powered, ...

Publisher: National Academies Press

About this book
In 2001, the NRC released Effectiveness and Impact of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards. High oil prices and recent legislation mandating a further increase in the CAFE standards have renewed interest in the current and expected technical potential for automobile fuel efficiency. Accordingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requested the NRC to provide an objective and independent update of the 2001 study and add an assessment of technologies that have emerged since that time. This report presents an interim assessment of technologies to be analyzed in the study and of the computational models that will be used in that analysis. Estimated fuel-economy benefits presented in this report reflect those from existing literature and presentations to the study committee. A final report is scheduled for late spring 2008.

370 pages

Diesel Technology, Report of the Technology Panel of the Diesel Impacts Study Committee, National Research Council

Automobiles - 1982-01-01

FUEL ECONOMY Primarily because of its higher density, a gallon of diesel fuel has approximately l3 percent greater energy (calorific) content than a gallon of gasoline. This energy content difference is one of the factors in the diesel fuel ...

Publisher: National Academies

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Fuel Economy
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Why Is Fuel Economy Important?
Fuel economy improvements: save you money, reduce climate change, reduce oil dependence costs; and increase energy sustainability


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