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132 pages

Outboard Engines, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Repair

Creator: Edwin R. Sherman | Transportation - 1997

Eventually this water will begin to create rust on the inside of the painted-steel portable fuel tanks traditionally supplied by outboard ... These elements should be changed at least once a season, or perhaps twice if you use your boat frequently.

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
If like most do-it-yourselfers you've relied on a sketchy owner's manual or one of those abstruse shop manuals written for professional mechanics to keep your onboard running, here's an end to your frustration. This abundantly illustrated nonthreatening guide is filled with effective maintenance, repair, and advanced troubleshooting advice for two-cycle and four-cycle engines from 2 to 250 horsepower. Although outboard engines have become more reliable, they're also more sophisticated and require more than a passing knowledge of mechanics to troubleshoot and repair. Outboard Engines covers recent developments such as electronic ignition, oil injection systems, and four-stroke powerheads. Your fears about the reliability of your "finicky" outboard are over!

182 pages

How to Choose Your First Powerboat

Creator: Chuck Gould, Larry Dubia | Sports & Recreation - 1999

IF THE ENGINE is THE HEART of a powerboat, the fuel is the blood. While in the engine room (aren't you glad you came down here?), you usually have the best opportunity to visually evaluate the fuel system of a boat. FUEL TANKS Because  ...

Publisher: Sheridan House, Inc.

About this book
In this guide to buying a powerboat, Chuck Gould covers general considerations of size and design as well as the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical systems. Subsequent steps such as hiring a surveyor and taking the boat for a sea trial are also covered.

384 pages

Practical Boat Mechanics: Commonsense Ways to Prevent, Diagnose, and Repair Engines and Mechanical Problems

Creator: Ben Evridge | Sports & Recreation - 2007-06-22

Assuming the boat has a diesel engine or engines, locate all valves for both sides ofthe fuel system (suction and the return). Note whether the fuel lines to and from the boat's fuel tanks are plumbed and valved to allow the engine or engines to ...

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

About this book
Work-around solutions and emergency repairs that will get your boat home when all else fails Practical Boat Mechanics belongs onboard every boat that has a gasoline, diesel, inboard, or out-board engine. This practical collection of fast fixes enables you to repair failed machinery with basic tools under adverse conditions. Designed and written for non-mechanics, it also presents do-it-yourself maintenance procedures and schedules that will prevent most problems from occurring.

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Eastern Marine sells Moeller Fuel Tanks & Marine Supplies at discount pricing including: Below Deck fuel tanks, Above Deck fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel filters, and ...

Boat Fuel Tanks, Marine Fuel Tanks - Cabela's
Attwood Low-Permeation Fuel Tanks feature tough, multilayer construction that virtually eliminates fuel evaporation. Injection-molded interfaces deliver years of leak ...
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Eastern Marine sells Moeller Marine Portable Fuel Tanks at discount pricing including: 3 gallon, 6 gallon, 9 gallon, 12 gallon, 16 gallon, 20 gallon and 26 gallon ...

The Myth of Condensation in Fuel Tanks by David Pascoe ...
Frequently we hear it said that the cause of water in fuel tanks is due to condensation. I have long doubted this assertion but the issue has come up so frequently ...


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