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99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before... Servicing Their Car, A Woman's Guide to Avoiding Maintenance Fees

Creator: Towanda D. Cooper | Family & Relationships - 2010-10-06

Fuel injection cleaners are sold at the local part store from $.99 to $5.00. It's a bottle of liquid that's poured into your gas tank. The procedure is very simple. Fuel injector cleaners operate best on a full tank of gas. Yes, there are several fuel ...

Publisher: Ginger Marks

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I have been in the automotive industry for over twenty years. My experiences range from light and medium automobiles to heavy duty trucks, semi-trucks, trailers, as well as refrigeration units. I am a graduate of Trident Technical College, with a diploma in Automotive Mechanics. This training was followed up with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. In 2000, Cooper Automotive Repair, Inc. was opened. My passion in this career field is to educate people about the maintenance and repairs of their vehicles. The auto industry has created a scare

How to Tune and Modify Ford Fuel Injection

Creator: Ben Watson |

Multipoint Injector Cleaning The cleaning of multipoint injectors is done chemically, and no disassembly is required. ... Throttle Bore Coking Cleanup The best way to clean throttle bore coking is to remove the throttle unburned oxygen past the ...

136 pages

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Now there's one cleaner for all your cleaning problems, Simple Green® Whether you're cleaning your car or around the house, Simple ... Can you suggest small orifices used in fuel injectors rea cure? quire high-quality fuel and distribuJohn B. Rogers tion parts that are hospital-clean. ... So at best, it's wondering if it possible for me to mix a guess. the used oil in with the diesel fuel and burn it in my truck.

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