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Fuel pumps - 1952

ORD 5 SNL H-6 Shop Set, Auto Fuel and Electrical System, Field Maintenance ORD 6 SNL J-8, Sec. 12 Standard Hardware ORD 5 SNL H-l Tool Set, Auto Fuel and Electrical System Repairman (MOS 3012) ORD 6 SNL J-10, Sec. 8 3.

528 pages

Auto Fuel and Emission Control Systems Technology

Creator: James E. Duffy, Howard Bud Smith | Technology & Engineering - 1992-02-01

An in-line fuel pump for an EFI system is usually a high pressure, positive displacement pump. The in-line pump for an injection system is generally capable of producing adequate pressure for fuel injection into the intake manifold . Pressure ...

Publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Pub

166 pages

Classic Car Restorer's Handbook, Restoration Tips and Techniques for Owners and Restorers of Classic and Collectible Automobiles

Creator: Jim Richardson | Transportation - 1994

An auxiliary electric fuel pump mounted on the frame near the gas tank is handy for filling the carburetor float chamber after ... Purchase an electric fuel pump at your local auto parts store, or by mail-order through hobby publications such as ...

Publisher: Penguin

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Choose ACDelco fuel pumps, designed specifically for your GM vehicle. See our full line of fuel pumps at ACDelco.

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High performance Walbro fuel pump sales and more by Auto Performance Engineering. Since 1997, APE has been THE place to find a Walbro fuel pump!

AGCO Automotive Repair Service - Baton Rouge, LA ...
Because of precise pressure requirements, modern vehicles normally use electric fuel pumps, located inside the fuel tank. These pumps are complex and can be difficult ...

ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS - U S Auto Electric 866-415-6770 ...
Facte electric fuel pumps, High quality Compatible - with Leaded or Unleaded Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Blended Fuels, Pure Alcohol & Fuel Additives. Reliable, No ...


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Gas Pump Postcard

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Uh Oh! Tie

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Mechanics will want this design.
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Filler Up Metal Ornament

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Spark your imagination! This whimsical design will be perfect on quilts, throw pillows, napkins and more!
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Bike pumps over gas pumps T-Shirt

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Cryptic design to ride your bike more and pump your gas tank less.
Price: $$20.05