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564 pages

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe Volume 2, FAA Airframe Handbook V2

Creator: FAA | Transportation - 2012-01-01

Fuel is prevented from flowing outboard during maneuvers. The tank boost pumps are located inboard of WBL 157. Fuel Lines and Fittings Aircraft fuel lines can be rigid or flexible depending on location and application. Rigid lines are often ...

Publisher: AMT Exams

About this book
FAA Airframe Handbook Volume 2

366 pages

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Creator: Roy Langton, Chuck Clark, Martin Hewitt, Lonnie Richards | Science - 2009-05-18

DCM DCM APU DCM Engine Feed Selector Valve Engine Feed Shutoff Valve Aerial Refueling Probe Engine Start Pump RolloverVentValve Ground Refueling Adapter Fuel Line Self-Sealing Breakaway Valve High Level Float Pilot Valve Low ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

About this book
All aspects of fuel products and systems including fuel handling, quantity gauging and management functions for both commercial (civil) and military applications. The fuel systems on board modern aircraft are multi-functional, fully integrated complex networks. They are designed to provide a proper and reliable management of fuel resources throughout all phases of operation, notwithstanding changes in altitude or speed, as well as to monitor system functionality and advise the flight crew of any operational anomalies that may develop. Collates together a wealth of information on fuel system design that is currently disseminated throughout the literature. Authored by leading industry experts from Airbus and Parker Aerospace. Includes chapters on basic system functions, features and functions unique to military aircraft, fuel handling, fuel quantity gauging and management, fuel systems safety and fuel systems design and development. Accompanied by a companion website housing a MATLAB/SIMULINK model of a modern aircraft fuel system that allows the user to set up flight conditions, investigate the effects of equipment failures and virtually fly preset missions. Aircraft Fuel Systems provides a timely and invaluable resource for engineers, project and programme managers in the equipment supply and application communities, as well as for graduate and postgraduate students of mechanical and aerospace engineering. It constitutes an invaluable addition to the established Wiley Aerospace Series.

126 pages

Aviation Fuels with Improved Fire Safety, A Proceedings

Creator: Committee on Aviation Fuels with Improved Fire Safety, Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems, National Materials Advisory Board, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council | Technology & Engineering - 1997-08-22

Fuel system requirements include the fuel properties needed for safe and efficient operation of the aircraft, along with the ... of fuel drain masts • shrouded fuel lines within the aircraft pressure hull • flame arresters in vent lines • fireproof hose ...

Publisher: National Academies Press

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