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192 pages

Paper Folding Templates for Print Design, Formats, Techniques and Design Considerations for Innovative Paper Folding

Creator: Trish Witkowski | Design - 2012-01-24

Packed full of useful advice on print considerations, color reproduction, binding, and postage, the book also provides a range of folding templates and illustrations to help designers understand the possibilities that are available to them.

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

About this book
Paper Folding Templates for Print Design is a comprehensive visual resource for anyone who designs or produces folded materials for print and direct mail. Brought to you by the industry's authority on folding, Trish Witkowski of, Trish provides content that is both enlightening and interesting to read. Based upon 15 years of studying and collecting folded materials from around the globe, she starts with folding basics and quickly moves on to trends, techniques and low budget tricks that will help you break out of your folding rut. On a budget? Paper Folding Templates will take you way beyond the tri-fold without breaking the bank. Got a special project? The high budget splurges chapter does not disappoint. Paper Folding Templates will surprise you with folded formats and techniques you've never thought of, and will introduce you to additional categories such as dimensional, proprietary and branded solutions. Trish also shares gorgeous full-color photos of selected pieces from her world-famous folding sample library in special gallery sections placed throughout the book.

528 pages

The Michaels Book of Arts & Crafts

Creator: Dawn Cusick, Megan Kirby | Crafts & Hobbies - 2003

Table. This project features a glass tabletop with an appealing etched design reminiscent of the suns rays. Folding a craft-paper template in half repeatedly is a simple way to create a tabletop with pleasing, elegant symmetry. What To Do ...

Publisher: Lark Books

About this book
From Michaels--America's largest specialty retailer of arts and crafts merchandise and the place to get supplies for painting, floral and home décor, needlework, scrapbooking, and more--comes an extraordinarily big, beautiful, and encyclopedic collection of techniques and 175 projects. Whatever a crafter's pleasure, it is in here, from beading and woodworking to glass and fabric crafts. The 30 subject areas are divided into 9 chapters that all feature a basic instructions section packed with plentiful color pictures and designer tips; 5 to 10 projects; and a two-page spread of gallery photos of additional projects for inspiration. What's included in this unequalled treasure trove? * Beading: wire and bead jewelry, wire crafting, and decorative beading * Clay: polymer and bread dough * Painting: stenciling, faux finishing, and gold leafing. With the gilding techniques, even the simplest box can look like an heirloom. * Paper: memory books and cards, decoupage, rubber stamping * Floral crafts: dried flowers, silk flower arranging, potpourris and sachets. A rose floral silk pillow brings springtime indoors year-round. * Glass: glass painting and etching. The lovely flasks with stars, leaves, and swirls would make a beautiful display. * Home decorating: candlemaking and decorating (including gel) and soapmaking * Wood: wood finishing and burning, plus clockmaking * Fabric: painting on fabric, tie die, and sun painting An appendix covers basic materials and techniques, including typing the perfect bow, lettering, and basic mat cutting. Whether you want more projects using your favorite craft, or are interested in learning a new one, this volume is a must-have.

128 pages

100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes, A Magical Menagerie of Kirigami Templates to Copy, Fold, and Cut--Includes 8 Preprinted Color Templates

Creator: Marion T. Nichols | Crafts & Hobbies - 2015-10-15

Start by folding your paper in halfremember, exactly on the dotted line. It is not important that corners meet exactly. The dotted line is where the design is drawn to fit and is meant to be folded in half. Lay the paper flat on a table. The template  ...

About this book
Create endless animal themed snowflakes with the unique and imaginative templates that crafters and artists will love!Let it snow--animals! In 100 Amazing Paper Animal Snowflakes, artist and teacher Marion Nichols proves that this popular form of papercutting can yield far more than just pretty geometric designs. Crafters young and old can create her astonishing animal-themed designs by photocopying the full-sized templates, then folding and cutting along preprinted guidelines. The templates range in complexity from easy to challenging, so papercrafters of all ages and at all skill levels can snip these fantastic flakes. Eight of the designs are also printed on colored paper, all ready to fold and cut.

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