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Mini foldable crossbow

Mini foldable crossbow instructions - Bookshelf

240 pages

Badass LEGO Guns, Building Instructions for Five Working Guns

Creator: Martin Hudepohl | Crafts & Hobbies - 2010-12-15

LEGO Guns is packed with building instructions for five impressive looking "weapons" built entirely from LEGO TECHNIC parts.

Publisher: No Starch Press

256 pages

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2, Build a Secret Agent Arsenal

Creator: John Austin | Science - 2011-10-01

From a mini-catapult in a breath-mint tin to milk-jug cap blow-dart wristwatches, this handbook details how to achieve clandestine ends practically and inexpensively.

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

241 pages

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction, Build Implements of Spitball Warfare

Creator: John Austin | Science - 2009

With the advent of modern household products and office supplies--binder clips, clothespins, rubber bands, ballpoint pens, toothpicks, paper clips, plastic utensils, and matches and barbeque lighters--troublemakers of all stripes have the ...

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