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Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Patents - 1899

... Julius A. N. and C. B. H.) 804 175 86 970 Rasmussen, Julius A. N. and C. B. H. Copenhagen, Denmark. Driving-gear for bicycles 621.136, Mar. ... 620,078 Feb. 21 2347 53.3 86 1308 Ray, William S., San Francisco, Cal. Folding camp-stove.

The Inland Printer

Bookbinding - 1890

Co. report that the Dexter Folding Machines are giving the greatest satisfaction wherever introduced. ... The most convenient, valuable and unique business calendar, for 1890, is the Columbia Bicycle Calendar and Stand, issued by the Pope Manufacturing ... Largest, best equi iped and best paying office in Carroll County.

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Iped Folding Bike Review
Iped Folding Bike is one of the best portable and elegant foldable bicycle for road bike enthusiasts. Check out our detailed review on the best iped bike.


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