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104 pages

Everything I Need to Know About Teaching . . . They Forgot to Tell Me!

Creator: Stacey Jarvis, Bob Algozzine | Education - 2006-01-10

There are actually books full of foldable ideas for all subjects and ancillary materials that come with textbooks with foldable lessons, too. You can use foldables for vocabulary, categories (like Congress, three branches of government), ...

Publisher: Corwin Press

194 pages

Close Reading of Informational Texts, Assessment-Driven Instruction in Grades 3-8

Creator: Sunday Cummins | Education - 2012-11-27

Comparison text-structure foldable, 150–151 Complex learning, 31 Conferring. ... importance in close reading, 21–25 stages of development in, 144, 145–146, 147 Determining importance lessons considering students' strengths and needs, ...

Publisher: Guilford Press

About this book
This essential book provides a roadmap for instruction and assessment of close reading skills in grades 3-8. To engage deeply with informational texts--a key requirement of the Common Core standards--students need to determine what details are important, how they fit together to convey a central idea, and how to synthesize information from multiple sources. They also need to understand the unique demands of different text features and structures. Presenting effective instructional strategies that teachers can tailor to their own classrooms, the book includes lesson plans, vignettes, and examples of student work, plus a Study Guide with professional learning activities and discussion questions.

158 pages

Checking for Understanding, Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom

Creator: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey | Education - 2007-01-01

Learn how to increase students' understanding with creative formative assessments that help identify what students know and don't know, and what types of instructional interventions will be most effective.

Publisher: ASCD

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