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200 pages

A Child's Brain, Understanding How the Brain Works, Develops, and Changes During the Critical Stages of Childhood

Creator: Robert Sylwester | Education - 2013-12-13

Robert Sylwester, author of twenty books, has written this latest book to help parents and educators understand children’s cognitive development and provide suggestions on how to nurture children to their full potential.

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

352 pages

Red Now and Laters, A Novel

Creator: Marcus J. Guillory | Fiction - 2015-03-10

Others treat the backyard like a workshop or junkyard suitable for anything that's been banished from the home, the glorious excommunicated, broken appliances, laundry on lines, card tables, dirty folding chairs, forgotten or outgrown ...

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

About this book
“Guillory’s complex and mesmerizing novel spans numerous eras of family history and southern folklore, offering a haunting yet soulful portrait of a neglected American culture” (Booklist).Meet Ti John, a young boy growing up in Texan Creole culture in the 1980s, the decade of Reaganomics, disco music, and the candy of choice—red Now and Laters. Raised in a Black Creole family by a voodoo-practicing father and strict Catholic mother, he is blessed with a special gift: spiritual healing. But life in the Houston ghetto where he lives is never easy. Ti John struggles to remain an ordinary kid, but even with a rodeo-star father he idolizes and the help of supernatural guides, nothing can shield Ti John from the roughness of inner-city life. He witnesses violence and death, gets his heart broken by girls, feels the anger of his own embittered father, struggles to live up to his mother’s middle-class aspirations—all while trying to become the man he’s expected to be. Will Ti John fall prey to the bad side of life—or will he recognize and hold on to the good? Multilayered and multigenerational, this tremendous literary debut breathes new life into the coming-of-age novel through “a truly unforgettable world of spirits and magical men” (Dolen Perkins-Valdez, author of Wench). Red Now and Laters is a poignant and uniquely American story, as memorable and flavorful as the candy itself.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Creator: United States. Patent Office | Patents - 1894

... and sustained adjustably lengthwise thereof, laters paper-shifting mechanism supported on said carriage, an electric ... a headed stud, a folding supporting bar or arm having a longitudinal slot receiving the stud, a brace having its upper end  ...


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