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160 pages

A Deadly Art, European Crossbows, 1250?1850

Creator: Dirk H. Breiding, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.) | Antiques & Collectibles - 2014-01-28

Man holding a crossbow, detail of a print entitled Die zur nism dispensed with the need for long lever triggers, they also made ... At the same time, the earliest form of safety catch—a short, foldable peg that prevented the lever trigger from being ...

Publisher: Yale University Press

About this book
DIV The advent of the crossbow more than 2,500 years ago effected dramatic changes for hunters and warriors.  For centuries, it was among the most powerful and widely used handheld weapons, and its popularity endures to this day. A Deadly Art presents a lively, accessible survey of the crossbow’s “golden age,” along with detailed descriptions of twenty-four remarkable examples. Beginning in the middle ages, the European aristocracy’s enthusiasm for the crossbow heralded shooting competitions and pageants that featured elaborately decorated weapons bearing elegant embellishments of rare materials and prized artistry. In addition to being highly functional, these weapons were magnificent works of art. A Deadly Art includes fascinating descriptions of crossbows used by Margaret of Savoy and Holy Roman Emperors Maximilian I and Charles V, among others.  /div

212 pages

One Way Home

Creator: Edward Cerda | Fiction - 2009-06

I just take this trusty foldable crossbow, attach a steel anchor to it and kaboom! We have our safety line. Then all we have to do is attach this harness to it and kababoom! Here's our seat to cross on! Paco: Damn Bean head, you do have a brain ...

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

About this book
One Way Home is an adventure of excitement and fast moving thriller.One Way Home involves a special squad of American soldiers sent into the jungles of Vietnam to terminate enemy soldiers that can´t be killed by contemporary means. A highly trained combat sergeant leads his squad into an adventure of horror and a constant test of their individual survival skills against all odds. This adventure involves the unexpected battle with zombie soldiers as well as a clan of vampires whose only desire is to make these American soldiers into MIA statistics. One Way Home is full of action from the start to the finish. There´s blood and guts spilled throughout the jungles of Vietnam by both sides. Only the experience of one combat sergeant can save his squad from doom and the failure of their assignment. In the coming months look for the continuation sequel of this adventure which takes our combat sergeant and his men deeper into the jungles of Vietnam only to meet their next enemy face to face in "FULL MOON".

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Patents - 1958

2,842.114 FOLDABLE CROSSBOW Howard C. Duncan, Springfield, Ores.; Elois E. Duncan, administratrix of said Howard C. Duncan, deceased Application May 26, 1955, Serial No. 511,273 6 Claims. (CI. 124—25) 1. A folding crossbow ...

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