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200 pages

Theodori Crügeri Origines Lusatiae complexae historiam Geronis primi Lusatiae Infer. Marchionis, etc. [With a folding plate.]

Creator: Theodor CRUEGER | 1726

At non Hauellanos, 'aliosque' Brandenburr gici iuris populos, sed Saxoniam rexísíè dicitur Sígf'ridus; Indeque—mn Marcbiam Brandenburgicam, uerum Saxoniam regendam catam effe succeíl'ori Sigfi'idí, Geroni nempe nostro ab OttÓne M., ...

298 pages

Advanced Functional Programming, Third International School, AFP'98, Braga, Portugal, September 12-19, 1998, Revised Lectures

Creator: S. Doaitse Swierstra, Pedro R. Henriques, Jose N. Oliveira | Computers - 2006-12-29

Publisher: Springer

About this book
This book originates from the Third Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming, held in Barga, Portugal, in September 1998. The lectures presented are targeted at individual students and programming professionals as well as at small study groups and lecturers who wish to become acquainted with recent work in the rapidly developing area of functional programming. The book presents the following seven, carefully cross-reviewed chapters, written by leading authorities in the field: Sorting Morphisms; Generic Programming: An Introduction; Generic Program Transformation; Designing and Implementing Combinator Languages; Using MetaML: A Staged Programming Language; Cayenne: A Language with Dependent Types; Haskell as an Automation Controller.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Creator: United States. Patent Office | Patents - 1899

A collapsible box formed from a rectangular or square blank of cardboard or other suitable material, cut and scored to fold ... In a collapsible paper box having double sides and bottom the combination of end ... 595249 (No model) Catam.

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EDSL相关杂记(2) -
可以认为声明ADT即对已有类型进行运算,生成新类型。我们需要处理的情况有: 积类型(Product Type):新类型的值同时包含一 ...


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