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48 pages

The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive

Creator: Joanna Cole, Bruce Degen | Juvenile Nonfiction - 1996

Ms. Frizzle takes her class on a fieldtrip to a beehive in her magic school bus.

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

About this book
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Scholastic is re-releasing the ten original Magic School Bus titles in paperback. With updated scientific information, the bestselling science series ever is back! When the Magic School Bus turns into a beehive, Ms. Frizzle's class learns firsthand about how workers, drones, and the queen bees live together. Readers will be abuzz with knowledge as they discover how honeybees find food; make a comb, honey, and beeswax; and care for their young, all from the bee's perspective.

187 pages

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Creator: Jules Verne | Adventure and adventurers - 1956

A team of explorers makes an expedition into a crater in Iceland which leads to the center of the earth and to incredible and horrifying discoveries.

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

616 pages

Texas science

Creator: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill | Earth sciences - 2002

Earth's interior is divided into four layers, the inner core, the outer core, the mantle, and the crust. Can you ... After You Read To help you review the four layers of Earth's interior, use the Foldable you made at the beginning of the chapter.

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The Earth's Layers Foldable - The Science Queen - Home
3. Now you may cut out the layers! Also cut out the four squares and the 12 labels. Remember to cut out The Earth's Layers title. 4. Set one piece of blue paper in front of you. Closely trim the title. Paste The Earth's Layers title in the top left corner of the paper. 5. Paste the Crust right below the title, centered on the page. 6. Set the second piece of paper on top of the first, close to the bottom of the crust. 7.

The Earth's Layers Foldable - Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas
Make an Earth's Layer's Foldable©! NOTE: Please follow the directions carefully! 1. Color the four layers using this guide: Inner Core - red Outer Core - red-orange Lower Mantle - orange Middle Mantle - light orange 2. Fill out the small squares with the information for each of the main layers of the Earth, using your textbook. 3.

My Earth’s Layers Foldable - Montgomery County Public ...
convection currents from the mantle and the effects of the atmosphere make the crust about -17.7 - 870C ( 0 -1598 F) from the surface to the bottom of the crust. The crust and atmosphere are the coolest of earth’s layers.

Earth Layers Foldable - Spring Branch Isd
Earth Layers Foldable . ... The Four Layers The Earth is composed of four different layers. The crust is the layer that you live on, and

The Earth's Layers Foldable - Brian Zuber
The Earth's Layers Foldable ... Make an Earth's Layer's Foldable ... Paste the Crust right below the title, centered on the page. 6.


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