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304 pages

Learning in Morocco, Language Politics and the Abandoned Educational Dream

Creator: Charis Boutieri | Education - 2016-04-18

An elegant suited man in his mid-forties, Mr. Bentaleb shook my hand firmly and swiftly turned on his laptop and plugged in a foldable Arabic keyboard. While he was starting up a PowerPoint presentation that clarified the rationale for the ...

Publisher: Indiana University Press

About this book
Learning in Morocco offers a rare look inside public education in the Middle East. While policymakers see a crisis in education based on demographics and financing, Moroccan high school students point to the effects of a highly politicized Arabization policy that has never been implemented coherently. In recent years, national policies to promote the use of Arabic have come into conflict with the demands of a neoliberal job market in which competence in French is still a prerequisite for advancement. Based on long-term research inside and outside classrooms, Charis Boutieri describes how students and teachers work within, or try to circumvent, the system, whose contradictory demands ultimately lead to disengagement and, on occasion, to students taking to the streets in protest.

783 pages

Xlib Programming Manual, For Version 11 of the X Window System

Creator: Adrian Nye | C (Computer program language) - 1992

Symbols for Katakana, Arabic, Cyrillic, Technical, Special, Publishing, APL, and Hebrew character sets are defined in <Xll/keysymdef.h> ... all of the keys present on a number of common keyboards, folding likely aliases into the same keysym.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
Covering X11 Release 5, the Xlib Programming Manual is a complete guide to programming the X library (Xlib), the lowest level of programming interface to X. It includes introductions to internationalization, device-independent color, font service, and scalable fonts. Includes chapters on: X Window System concepts A simple client application Window attributes The graphics context Graphics in practice Color Events Interclient communication Internationalization The Resource Manager A complete client application Window management This manual is a companion to Volume 2, Xlib Reference Manual.

331 pages

Localization Strategies for Global E-Business

Creator: Nitish Singh | Business & Economics - 2011-11-24

should be determined to be that of the current user, and may thus differ from user to user.13 0 Casing "Case folding” is ... Some languages, such as Hindi and Arabic, do not even have an upper case. ... cannot be captured in limited keys of the keyboard can be easily entered. o Treating bidirectional text The direction of the ...

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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