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Creator: Michael W. Litchfield | House & Home - 2005

exterior. units such as French doors have an active door, which usually opens, and a semi- active one, which opens only when the throw bolts are retracted. When specifying hardware, indicate which door is active because it gets the cylinder ...

Publisher: Taunton Press

About this book
Great Designs from Fine Woodworking Find inspiration for your next project in the pages of Furniture, a comprehensive survey of the best designs that have appeared in the pages of Fine Woodworking. In the course of putting this book together, the editors of Fine Woodworking looked at numerous pieces that have appeared in the magazine, then culled and compiled their favorites. The pieces vary in style from gothic to contemporary and everything in between. Some are large, some small. Some were built in a day and others took months, but each was designed and built by woodworkers--evidence of careful eyes and hands are all over this book. The makers range from revered designers to humble builders working quietly in the corners of their garages and basements. But each piece, in its own way, succeeds. The furniture found here is presented with full exploded drawings, which you can use to build or amend to your own tastes. For designers and decorators, this book will be a welcome resource when working with clients. For others, it will be like walking through a gallery. No matter which direction your tastes lean, whether you're a designer, maker, decorator or simply someone who appreciates handcrafted work, you'll find the same inspiration in this book that the authors have found in putting it together.

418 pages

MA Brockton 2015 RemodelMAX Unit Cost Estimating Manual for Remodeling

Creator: Bill O'Donnell | House & Home - 2015-03-02

Exterior. Wood. Doors. V. No removal of old door included. Description Unit Direct Labor Direct Materials Direct Total ... $3,761.92 5.750 SLIDING EXTERIOR FRENCH DOORS Exterior fir/pine sliding french door, 2 rows of 5 lites, 2 panel, 5 -0 x ...


About this book
The RemodelMAX estimating manual contains over 400 pages of labor & material costs researched specifically for your local area! We research 350 different areas and produce a manual for each one, meaning that the manual you get will be for the local area where you work. Over 8,000 items used by remodelers are included in this comprehensive manual. The RemodelMAX Estimating Manual is so complete it even shows the man-hours for each item and lists the hourly labor costs used for each category! No longer will you have to wait days for subcontractor estimates, spend hours on the phone gathering material costs and long nights finalizing overdue estimates for your customers! Many Cost books offer fewer items and fewer pages for a much higher price - why pay more for less! If you cannot find an area close to your local area, go to All books fulfilled by!

Interior and Exterior Doors: Different Types and Brands for Your Home

Creator: Michael Cimicata | House & Home - 2014-03-14

Of course, you can trade a bedroom's door for internal French doors. But you can light up your study, your dining room and even your living room with this type of doors. Use Internal French Doors In Your Bedroom French doors look great, they  ...

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

About this book
Doors serve a huge purpose in your home. Not only do they define the look, but they also contain sound and heat in the various rooms of the house. The quality of the interior or exterior door that you buy will definitely contribute to the amount of sound/heat that they keep in the room. This ebook contains a plethora of information on doors. It will outline the various types of doors for your home, the areas/rooms that those types of doors are ideal for, and even goes over some specific door models to keep your eyes open for!

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Bring a luxury touch to your dream house by installation of Wooden Internal And External doors. Through which, you can change the way you look.


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Arched Doorway, France Poster

architecture, cote d'azur, detail, door,
France, Cote d'Azur, also called the French Riviera. | Emily Wilson /
Price: $$24.65

Arched Doorway, France Acrylic Wall Art

architecture, cote d'azur, detail, door,
France, Cote d'Azur, also called the French Riviera. | Emily Wilson /
Price: $$146.72

Arched Doorway, France Panel Wall Art

architecture, cote d'azur, detail, door,
France, Cote d'Azur, also called the French Riviera. | Emily Wilson /
Price: $$63.30

Arched Doorway, France Wood Wall Art

architecture, cote d'azur, detail, door,
France, Cote d'Azur, also called the French Riviera. | Emily Wilson /
Price: $$285.00