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Exterior picture of the heart

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305 pages

The Lens Within the Heart, The Western Scientific Gaze and Popular Imagery in Later Edo Japan

Creator: Timon Screech | Art - 2002-01

The Shadow Picture Lessons is a series of pairs in which a deceitful exterior is exposed by means of a profounder silhouette. One shows a monk and lay couple admiring paintings in an artist's studio (Fig. 59). Praise is flowing liberally, but to ...

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

About this book
The study of food practices in different cultures and societies has long been an important part of anthropological studies. In recent years anthropological literature on food has generated new theoretical findings on this important aspect of human behavior that help explain cultural adaptation and social grouping in a more general way.In this volume the authors make use of ethnographic examples collected within and beyond the boundaries of China to demonstrate the theoretical relevance of Chinese-inspired foodways, tastes, and consumption.

256 pages

The Heart of Things, Written Down

Creator: Edward Clarence Farnsworth | Occultism - 1914

Among the red blood corpuscles, those impressed with the most faithful pictures of the human body produce both the ... exterior, but on the inner walls like the pictures in the seven-fold human Egg. In the minute ovum is pictured vividly the ...

National Library of Medicine Audiovisuals Catalog

Health education - 1988

8800463A Medical Historical Film Program Growth failure and Sarnoff, Jacob, 1886- [Dissection of exterior heart sac) [motion picture] / [produced by Jacob Sarnoff]. -- Sargent, Douglas A. see maternal deprivation Sarnoff, Jacob, 1886- The ...

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Human heart diagram, anatomy, picture, valves & arteries
Human heart diagram, anatomy or picture help to detect the different part of the heart and help to identify the location of heart arteries and heart valves.

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How the Heart Works | National Heart, Lung, and Blood ...
In figure B, the heart is the muscle in the lower half of the picture. The heart has four chambers. The heart's upper chambers, the right and left atria (AY-tree-uh ...


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