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Interior and Exterior Doors: Different Types and Brands for Your Home

Creator: Michael Cimicata | House & Home - 2014-03-14

Exterior wood doors are an amazing addition to any home. They will dramatically increase the value of your property, so it's an investment that it is really worth. Properly maintained, exterior wood doors will last for generations – they don't get  ...

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

About this book
Doors serve a huge purpose in your home. Not only do they define the look, but they also contain sound and heat in the various rooms of the house. The quality of the interior or exterior door that you buy will definitely contribute to the amount of sound/heat that they keep in the room. This ebook contains a plethora of information on doors. It will outline the various types of doors for your home, the areas/rooms that those types of doors are ideal for, and even goes over some specific door models to keep your eyes open for!

500 pages

2005 National Home Improvement Estimator

Creator: Ben Moselle | Technology & Engineering - 2004-11-01

... Sell Prehung Wood Exterior Doors Cut wall and frame exterior door opening, install prehung door. lncludes cutting stud wall, temporary wall bracing and closure, header, trimmer studs, exterior 6-panel prehung steel door ($138) with frame, ...

Publisher: Craftsman Book Company

About this book
2005 National Home Improvement Estimator Labor Costs, Material Costs, City Cost Modifiers and Selling Prices for All Home Improvement Projects * Demolition - Gutting a Building, Porches and Decks, Slabs, Roof Cover, Walls, Ceilings, Floors * Foundations - Board and Plywood Forms, Reinforcing, Footings, Slabs, Walls, Finishing * Framing - Room Additions, Wall Bracing, Sheathing, Breakthrough Window and Door Openings * Structural Repairs - Sagging Floors, Replacing Posts and Plates, Roof Frame Jacking, Sheathing * Insulation - Ceilings, Walls, Crawl Spaces, Attics, Insulation Board, Fiberglass, Foam, Ventilation * Siding - Repairs, New Siding Over Old, Vinyl, Wood, Hardboard, Plywood, Shingle, Veneer, Stucco * Roofing Repairs - Finding and Fixing Leaks, Temporary and Permanent Repairs, Flashing Repairs * New Roofing - Re-Roofing Over Old, Composition Shingles, Wood Shingles, Built-Up, Concrete Tile * Window Repairs - Loosening Stuck Sash, Sash and Balance Repair, Moving a Window, Trim * New Windows - Custom Made, Vinyl, Aluminum, Vinyl-Clad, Bow Windows, Storms, Skylights * Door Repairs - Re-furbishing, Antiquing, Re-Hanging, Moving Doors, Adding Doors, Casing, Stops * New Doors - Security, Hardwood, Steel, Fiberglass, Prehung, Locksets, Storms, Patio, Weatherstrip * Walls and Ceiling Repairs - Patching, New Over Old, Furring, Textures and Finishes, Moulding * New Walls and Ceilings - Gypsum Drywall, Plywood, Hardboard, Plank Paneling, Drop Ceilings * Floor Repairs - Surface Prep, Underlayment, Emboss Filler, Flooring Over Concrete, Tile Backer * New Flooring - Resilient, Sheet Vinyl, Wood Strip and Laminate, Base, Trim, Paver Tile, Ceramics * Modern Kitchens - Estimating Checklist, What to Renew, What to Replace. Making Good Choices * The New Kitchen - Finished and Unfinished Cabinets, Fixtures, Soffits, Installed Appliances, Hoods * Modern Bathrooms - Adding a Bath, Replacing Fixtures, Moving Plumbing, Electric and HVAC Lines * Painting - Surface Prep, Interiors, Exteriors, Windows, Doors, Trim, using Brush, Roller or Spray Use this manual (and the National Estimator disk in the back of the book) as your company price book when bidding home improvement work. Following the figures in this guide will help you develop reliable, comprehensive estimates that result in consistently profitable completed jobs.

438 pages

2006 National Painting Cost Estimator

Creator: Dennis D. Gleason | Technology & Engineering - 2005-10-01

The tables that follow include costs for both time and material needed to apply two coats of a high quality finish to all six sides of each exterior door, finish the jamb and trim, and lay-off each door smoothly. These costs are in addition to those ...

Publisher: Craftsman Book Company

About this book
This is the most complete, authoritative and reliable unit cost guide ever made available to paint estimators. No matter what types of work you estimate, no matter what your costs are, this book will help you produce consistently reliable painting estimates in dollars and cents.

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JELD-WEN produces wide a variety of quality exterior door styles and product lines.

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Wood exterior and entry doors can be tuned to fit several design applications. Choose from a variety of decorative glass panels, sidelights, and finish options.

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From folding sliding to French, our patio doors are designed to enhance any home and open up your living space. View our range of patio doors today.

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Doors : Exterior Doors. The EL&EL door collection is completed by our exterior door lines. You can count on innovative technology and high performance in every door.


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Vine Door Postcard

vine door, door picture, door images, exterior
He happened upon this door when he crossed the train tracks. "Should I go through?" he asked himself aloud. He continued, "It's a completely ridiculous idea." Suddenly, he grabbed the handle and pushed. The vines made way as if they were beckoning him. He smiled...and stepped over the threshold into the abyss... That story is what I thought of when I saw snapped this photo one day when I was walking around town. If you like this image, be sure to check out the matching Vine Door products in my shop, Pictimilitude. I have matching stationery, stamps, small gifts and even posters.
Price: $$1.00

Chateau Cos Labory in Saint St Estephe, wrought Card

garden, per karlsson, europe, doorway, wall,
COPYRIGHT Per Karlsson / | EU09 PKA0717.jpg | Chateau Cos Labory in Saint St Estephe, wrought iron entrance gate to the park and garden
Price: $$3.15

D for design bag tag

design, interior, architecture, alphabet,
D for design- for interior design or architecture showing space with door plan
Price: $$11.70

Red Fort, New Delhi, India Magnet

red, fort, new, delhi, india, door, exterior,
Red Fort, New Delhi, India Ancient Red Fort, New Delhi, India gift from Asia in our collection.
Price: $$4.40