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194 pages

El Curso Forzoso en Los Estados Unidos

Finance - 1892

El floreciente estado de su comercio exterior ha mantenido constantemente el cambio en favor suyo; y el sistema rentistico establecido en 1862 ha venido procurando á la Tesorería cuantiosos recursos, con los cuales pudo atender, pasada ...

222 pages

La profesionalización de las empresas familiares

Creator: Paloma Fernández Pérez | Business & Economics - 2014-09-02

Cuadro 3.22 Alumnos en los cursos y másteres impartidos por el IDAE y ENAE Business School (19832010) 8-II SSI 861 ... Empresarial Curso de Asesoría 42 32 27 230 Fiscal Curso de Asesoría 57 Jurídica Cursode Comercio Exterior Curso ...

Publisher: LID Editorial

284 pages

Dry Ports – A Global Perspective, Challenges and Developments in Serving Hinterlands

Creator: Rickard Bergqvist | Social Science - 2016-04-29

Available at:[accessed 20 August 2010]. Faro, R. and Faro, F. 2007. Curso de Comércio Exterior. São Paulo: Atlas. Lourenço, M. 2008. Portos Secos: Vantagens [online]. Available at: br ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
As centres for logistics activities, seaports have traditionally been the focus of maritime logistics chains. However, changes in production patterns, supported by the development of rapid transport of goods over long distances, have altered the logistics landscape. As a result, the relevance of port hinterland transport has become more important, with a consequent need for the high utilisation of transport resources and infrastructure through the consolidation of cargo flows and for seaports to extend their influence within their hinterlands to increase their competitiveness. The development worldwide of inland ports, terminals and dryports in their various forms, together with associated new functions and strategies, address these challenges in diverse ways to realise the potential benefits that come from the successful implementation of inland ports that connect seamlessly into transportation systems. This book comprises case studies and state-of-the-art examples of dryports in different parts of the world that have varying economic, social, institutional and environmental realities and which exhibit the complexity of, and diverse approaches to, this recent logistics phenomenon.

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