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400 pages

The Three Pillars of Zen, Teaching, Practice, and Enlightenment

Creator: Philip Kapleau | Philosophy - 1989

The Western reader is introduced to the basic teaching, practices, and religious character of Zen Buddhism, in a beautiful new edition of the classic introduction to and overview of Zen history and discipline.

Publisher: Anchor

About this book
Through his exploration of the three pillars of Zen -- teaching, practice, and enlightenment -- Roshi Kapleau presents a comprehensive overview of this ancient oriental discipline, making it useful to both initiates and long-time disciples.

480 pages

Capital, A Portrait of Delhi in the Twenty-First Century

Creator: Rana Dasgupta | Biography & Autobiography - 2014-05-13

The city brimmed with ambition and rage. Bizarre crimes stole the headlines. In Capital, we see Delhi through the eyes of its people.

Publisher: Harper Collins

About this book
At the turn of the twenty-first century, acclaimed novelist Rana Dasgupta arrived in Delhi with a single suitcase. He had no intention of staying for long. But the city beguiled him—he “fell in love and in hate with it”—and fourteen years later, Delhi is still his home.Fourteen years of breakneck change. The boom following the opening up of India's economy plunged Delhi into a tumult of destruction and creation: slums and markets were ripped down, and shopping malls and apartment blocks erupted from the ruins. Many fortunes were made, and in the glassy stores lining the new highways, customers paid for global luxury with bags of cash. But the transformation was stern, abrupt and fantastically unequal, and it gave rise to strange and bewildering feelings. The city brimmed with ambition and rage. Bizarre crimes stole the headlines.In Capital, we see Delhi through the eyes of its people. With the lyricism and empathy of a novelist, Dasgupta takes us through a series of encounters—with billionaires and bureaucrats, drug dealers and metal traders, slum dwellers and psychoanalysts—which plunge us into Delhi's intoxicating, and sometimes terrifying, story of capitalist transformation. Interweaving over a century of history with his personal journey, he presents us with the first literary portrait of one of the twenty-first century's fastest-growing megalopolises—a dark and uncanny portrait that gives us insights, too, as to the nature of our own—everyone's—shared, global future.

400 pages

The Flamethrowers, A Novel

Creator: Rachel Kushner | Fiction - 2013-04-02

At its center is Kushner’s brilliantly realized protagonist, a young woman on the verge. Thrilling and fearless, this is a major American novel from a writer of spectacular talent and imagination.

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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