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Supertrapp motorcycle exhaust

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Mazda RX-7 Performance Handbook

Creator: Mike Ancas |

Any of the good, brand-name performance exhaust systems are designed to help get the most out of your car. ... Originally a manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust systems, Kerker Performance, makers of the Supertrapp, have taken a different ...

84 pages

American Motorcyclist


The U.S. system is complicated, but it does allow motorcycle owners some flexibility in buying exhaust systems while staying ... Hertelendy noted that SuperTrapp exhaust systems designed for the European market must be approved for the ...

128 pages

High-Performance Dodge Neon Builder's Handbook

Creator: Mike Ancas | Transportation - 2005

The one misfit in the exhaust aftermarket is the Supertrapp, manufactured by Kirker Performance. Supertrapp mufflers were originally designed for motorcycle engines, but they work just as well on 4-cylinder cars. We have even seen Corvettes ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

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SuperTrapp: Performance Exhaust
“Pipes can make or break you. The advantage of SuperTrapp is their tunable disc technology that makes it easier to find that sweet spot once the motor work is done.

SuperTrapp: Performance Exhaust
SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. 4540 W. 160th St., Cleveland, OH 44135 PH: 216-265-8400 ©2005 SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. Privacy Policy

Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust - Parts Giant
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Speed & Sport :: Exhaust
Lightweight, aluminum-alloy exhaust midbox, designed for the Model 80 Sherpa T. Quiet and repackable, this is also an excellent choice when making a custom trials ...

Team Show and Go Australia
Supertrapp Exhaust Systems are one of the finest made for Automotive and Motorcycle use. The idea behind the Supertrapp muffler is to allow the user to determine the ...


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