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144 pages

Custom Bike Building Basics, Tips and Tricks for the Backyard Garage Mechanic

Creator: Chris Callen | Transportation - 2012

Provides information on how to design, build, and customize motorcycles.

Publisher: Wolfgang Productions

About this book
"Custom Bike Building Basics" is the basic bible that at-home builders need to build and modify their own motorcycle. Before you can build that dream bike, you need a place to work and a set of tools to work with. Chapter One covers these topics and more, including the need for a quality compressor and a decent motorcycle lift. Home-built bikes and their components are built from steel, so working with steel, and welding steel, are two essential topics. "Cycle Source" magazine and Chris Callen start with how to buy the right steel and move on to setting up the welder and doing your first welds.Grassroots bikes are often built using a "donor bike" as the foundation and source for the majority of parts. Chapters Four and Five offer tips on choosing the best donor bike, and scrounging the swap meets for the things that didn't come along with that bike. Once you have most of the parts, you still need to create a plan. Chris suggests you put it all down on paper, whether it's just a notebook of ideas or an elaborate sketch of the dream bike.With a plan and most of the parts, it's time to build a roller. This could also be called the need for a mock-up chapter. This is a chance to see how things fit together in the real world, what might be needed for wheel spacers, and exactly how the fenders should mount. Fender fitment brings up the next major topic - sheet metal fabrication. In addition to sheet metal, anyone who plans to build a bike will need to build everything from engine mounts to handle bars, topics covered in Chapters Nine and Ten.The final topics are two that most of us find very intimidating: upholstery and wiring. With one chapter on each topic, the mystery and fear are eliminated. Simple leather work is not rocket science. And basic wiring, especially for a bike without turn signals or electric start, is likewise a pretty straightforward operation - especially with the help of a good how-to chapter on each topic. "Custom Bike Building Basics" is the one book you need before you tear into that donor bike and begin the process of creating your own motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures: Technical report

Creator: Hugh H. Hurt, J. V. Ouellet, D. R. Thom | Crash injuries - 1981

The modified exhaust is overrepresented in these data, but not with high significance. To be sure, the number of custom exhaust systems made for motorcycles during recent years has increased. Hence, the exposure data collected some long ...

128 pages

British Custom Motorcycles, The Brit Chop - choppers, cruisers, bobbers & trikes

Creator: Uli Cloesen | Transportation - 2014-02-28

From a very early age, Norm was building hotrod motorcycles, taking Triumph engines and making known as the café racer style. In 1979, Norm built a ... Here are three examples: The Rocket III Bug with custom exhaust and paint. The.

Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

About this book
This book takes a look at some of the fantastic British-based custom bikes around the globe. A celebration of all things ‘custom Brit,’ it is the only book devoted entirely to the British custom motorcycle, revealing the innovative, fresh approach to British motorcycle-based custom bike building. 

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Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals
We are Australia’s baffle modification specialist’s and fabricate replacement, race, sports, cruiser, trail or custom systems as well as repairing, reskinning and ...

Demon's Cycle - Custom Harley & Chopper Motorcycle Parts
Demon's cycles provides best custom parts for Harley Motorcycles like Rolling Chassis, Harley motorcycle wheels, frames, engines, handlebars, and many more

Victory Motorcycle Custom Accessories for aftermarket ...
Victory Motorcycle Custom Accessories Parts Aftermarket and performance mods. Victory Only custom accessories ships international canada australia cz gb worldwide

Fairings | Motorcycle Fairings | Fairing Kit | Motorcycle ...
Huge selection of affordable Motorcycle Fairings. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki fairing kits. Free shipping! OEM grade ABS plastic race fairings offer guaranteed ...

Custom Baggers High Performance Motorcycle Parts | FXR ...
We Offer Custom Baggers High Performance Motorcycle Parts, FXR Exhaust, DYNA Fairing, Inverted Front Forks & Motor Mounts. Call (909) 478-7788 Today!


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The Louder the Pipes, the Smaller the Organ Bumper Sticker

loud, motorcycle, exhaust, pipes, small, organ,
There's no need for loud motorcycle pipes. It's just losers trying to "mark" their territory -- like dogs. They think it's cool. But everyone knows it's just a childish attempt to say "Hey everybody, look at me!" Fight back. Let them know we know all about their inadequacy issues with this sure-to-annoy bumper sticker.
Price: $$5.00

Old Triumph Engine Card

bike, british, close-up, detail, engine, exhaust,
Closeup of an old motorcycle engine in sepia
Price: $$3.15

I Love Tailpipes Keychain

tailpipes, exhaust, tailpipe, flamethr,
Use the search tool at my store to find other Tailpipes merchandise. I Love Tailpipes products avaiable on tshirts,sweatshirts,kids shirts, infant onsies, stickers, magnets, and much more Tailpipes clothing fully customizable to your specifcations. If you like what you see, please link to my store ( or email a friend.
Price: $$4.80

Kiss My Tailpipe Mousepad

motorcycle, tailpipe, back, exhaust, custom,
Great mousepad for motorcycle lovers. It features the tail end of a motorcycle with the words Kiss My Tailpipe. Any bike lover would love this.
Price: $$13.00