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144 pages

How to Build Max-Performance Pontiac V-8s

Creator: Rocky Rotella | Transportation - 2012

The X-pipe also produces a smoother, higher pitched exhaust note that sounds finely tuned. ... The aftermarket mufflers from Dynomax, Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Pypes, and Spintech are among the most popular with Pontiac hobbyists.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

144 pages

Performance Exhaust Systems, How to Design, Fabricate, and Install

Creator: Mike Mavrigian | Transportation - 2014-08-15

Engine Displacement Horsepower Dual-Exhaust Diameter (ci) (inches) 150 to 200 100 to 150 2.00 200 to 250 100 to 200 2.00 to 2.25 250to 300 150to 250 2.00 to ... selecting a muffler for a given appli400 to 450 350to 650 3.00 to 3.50 such as Borla, Corsa, Flowmaster, SuperTrapp, Spiral Turbo, and Magnaflow. ... A muffler's sound differs depending on the engine type, displacement, and powerband.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

32 pages

Tough Boris

Creator: Mem Fox, Kathryn Brown | Juvenile Fiction - 1998

When a young boy sneaks onto the ship of Boris von der Borch, a mean, greedy old pirate, he discovers that Boris and his mates are not quite the way they appear. Reprint.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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The exhaust is one of your vehicle’s key systems when considering overall performance. Two of the most popular manufacturers are Magnaflow and Flowmaster. Here’s ...

Manufactures reduced back pressure, performance mufflers.

Magnaflow™ | Performance Exhaust Systems, Catalytic ...
MagnaFlow is the world's leader when it comes to quality exhaust parts, including exhaust systems, catalytic converters, mufflers, exhaust tips, and more.

Magnaflow Exhaust Systems - Axle & Catback - FREE SHIPPING!
Magnaflow Exhaust Systems in stock now! Lowest Price Guaranteed. Call the product experts at 800-544-8778.

Magnaflow vs Flowmaster: What's the Best Exhaust Brand?
Flowmaster or Magnaflow? That is the question. Read our exhaust system and performance muffler reviews to see which one is right for your car or truck.


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