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176 pages

How to Build Honda Horsepower

Creator: Richard Holdener | Transportation - 2003-02-09

This test was designed to test the effectiveness of an aftermarket exhaust system on a 1.8L B18A. We chose the Thermal stainless steel system designed for the 1990 Integra. The early Integra exhaust utilized the muffler as a cross over point.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Honda performance enthusiasts all have one basic question when it comes to making their cars faster: "What parts work, and what parts don't?" The only way to answer that question is to install various parts on a car and test the power output on a dynamometer (dyno). Richard Holdener has done that in High Performance Honda Dyno Tests.Holdener's extensive testing provides dyno-proven data for all popular Honda performance parts, from air intake systems to exhausts, cams and cylinder heads to nitrous, turbos, and superchargers. There is even a chapter on engine build-ups. In addition, dyno tests on nearly every Honda model, from the single-cam DX to the 2.2L Prelude, are included. Acura models are covered as well, from the 1.8L LS through the GSR and Type R all the way up to exotic NSX. There is no better place to find performance answers than in this book.

1424 pages

Chilton's Import Car Repair Manual 1992-1996, Models Imported to U.S. and Canada

Creator: Kerry A. Freeman, Dean F. Morgantini, W. Calvin Settle, Nicholas L. D'Andrea, Debra Gaffney, Jacques Gordon, Michael L. Grady, Kevin M. G. Maher, Richard J. Rivele, Richard T. Smith | Acura automobile - 1995-11

EXHAUST MANIFOLD UPPER SHROUD SELF-LOCKING NUTS EXHAUST MANIFOLD LOWER SHROUD 10 x 1.25MM Timing belt and sprockets — Integra Torque sequence for camshaft. EXHAUST MANIFOLD BRACKET 10 x 1.25MM ...

144 pages

Honda K-Series Engine Swaps, Upgrade to More Horsepower & Advanced Technology

Creator: Aaron Bonk | Transportation - 2014-07-15

Because of the shape of Civic, del Sol, and Integra exhaust Matching the appropriate shifter cables with the right shifter box is just as important as transmission compatibility. Accord-style shifter boxes, which can be used with 2003–2007 ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
The Honda K-Series engine was introduced in 2001, replacing the B-Series as the engine of choice for Honda enthusiasts. These new K-Series engines are the most powerful stock Honda/Acura engines you can get. They featured new technology such as a roller rocker valvetrain, better flowing heads, and advanced variable cam timing technology that made these engines suddenly the thing to have. And that's where the engine swappers come in.In Honda K-Series Engine Swaps, author Aaron Bonk guides you through all the details, facts, and figures you will need to complete a successful K-Series swap into your older chassis. All the different engine variants are covered, as well as interchangeability, compatibility, which accessories work, wiring and controls operation, drivetrain considerations, and more. While you can still modify your existing B-Series, dollar for dollar, you can't make more power than you can with a Honda K-Series engine.If you have an older chassis and are looking for a serious injection of power and technology, swapping a K-Series engine is a great option. Honda K-Series Engine Swaps will tell you everything you need to know. 

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AUSTROFLAMM INDUSTRIES, INC. INTEGRA PELLET 1 3/15/95 INTEGRA PELLET STOVE Table of Contents Page 1. Electrical Components 2 2. Other Components 10

Tanc Barratt > Lancia Delta Evo > Fuel and Exhaust
Exhaust down pipe with flexible section for Lancia Delta integrale 8v, 16v & Evolution 1. As original, hot-dip galvanized steel with braided stainless steel flexible ...

Product Name - OBX Racing Sports
High Performance Track Proven Quality Exhaust Systems. Muffler and Tip are Durability and Longevity. Mandrel Bent T304 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust System.Dual TIG ...

2000 Acura Integra Type R - Brand Loyalty - SuperStreetOnline
Chuy Navarro's 2000 Acura Integra Type R wasn't built to take home car show trophies or set records. It's a piece of Honda history that he proudly enjoys.

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Bid for the chance to own a 2000 Acura Integra Type R at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Lot #6,333.


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