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115 pages

Along the Hudson and Mohawk, The 1790 Journey of Count Paolo Andreani

Creator: Paolo Andreani, Cesare Marino, Karim M. Tiro | History - 2006-02-09

Published for the first time complete in English, the 1790 diary of Count Paolo Andreani is of major importance to those interested in life after the American Revolution, political affairs in the New Republic, and Native Americans.

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

About this book
In the summer of 1790 the Italian explorer Count Paolo Andreani embarked on a journey that would take him through New York State and eastern Iroquoia. Traveling along the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers, Andreani kept a meticulous record of his observations and experiences in the New World. Published complete for the first time in English, the diary is of major importance to those interested in life after the American Revolution, political affairs in the New Republic, and Native American peoples.Through Andreani's writings, we glimpse a world in cultural, economic, and political transition. An active participant in Enlightenment science, Andreani provides detailed observations of the landscape and natural history of his route. He also documents the manners and customs of the Iroquois, Shakers, and German, Dutch, and Anglo New Yorkers. Andreani was particularly interested in the Oneida and Onondaga Indians he visited, and his description of an Oneida lacrosse match accompanies the earliest known depiction of a lacrosse stick. Andreani's American letters, included here, relate his sometimes difficult but always revealing personal relationships with Washington, Jefferson, and Adams.Prefaced by an illuminating historical and biographical introduction, Along the Hudson and Mohawk is a fascinating look at the New Republic as seen through the eyes of an observant and curious explorer.

128 pages

Building Honda K-Series Engine Performance

Creator: Richard Holdener | Transportation - 2007

What we mean by this is that if you test an air intake system, cat-back exhaust, or header on a stock motor, the gains offered by the ... In this particular test, we ran the Comptech header and cat-back exhaust system on a 2003 Honda Civic Si.

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
The all-new K-series engines are now found in all Honda and Acura performance models, and are also becoming the engine swap of choice. In Building Honda K-Series Engine Performance, author Richard Holdener gives you a detailed description of the K-series engines, followed by a put up or shut up account of all kinds of aftermarket performance parts. Holdener uses over 400 color photos and dyno graphs to help you separate the advertising hype from the real K-series performance. You'll find chapters detailing upgrades to the intake, exhaust, cylinder heads, camshafts, and short block, as well as on how to add turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous oxide. Don't spend your hard-earned cash figuring out what works and what doesn't--pick up Building Honda K-Series Engine Performance and know for sure.   

160 pages

Xtreme Honda B-Series Engines HP1552, Dyno-Tested Performance Parts Combos, Supercharging, Turbocharging and Nitrous Oxide Includes B16A1/2/3 (Civic, Del Sol), B17A (GSR), B18C (GSR), B18C5 (TypeR,

Creator: Richard Holdener | Transportation - 2009-09-01

When attempting to push a Civic to 227 mph, you better have a good exhaust system. ... EXHAUST. When you go looking for the title of the World's Fastest Honda Civic, you spend a lot of time on the dyno chasing every last bit of horsepower.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
A guide to what has been the #1 modified import car for the street during the last decade?the Honda engine. This book covers some performance theory basics, then launches into dyno-tested performance parts combinations for each B-series engine. Topics covered include: performance vs. economy; air intakes, manifolds and throttle bodies; tuning; turbocharging; supercharging; and nitrous oxide.

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