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How to Build a Harley-Davidson Torque Monster

Creator: Bill Rook |

777/s is an anti-reversion (AR) exhaust pipe. Notice the bulge in the pipe where it connects to the cylinder head; this is where the AR cone is located. The purpose of the cone is to prevent reversion. It also directs the hot exhaust gases to the ...

744 pages

Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley-Davidson, 1936 to Present

Creator: Donny Petersen | Technology & Engineering - 2014-06-30

Exhaust header pipe sizing on Harley-Davidson's should stay at 1 3⁄4” unless bigger cubic inches come into play. However, exhaust pipe length, inner diameter and of course, the muffling device if any assists greatly in controlling and directing ...

Publisher: iUniverse

About this book
Do you want to make your Harley-Davidson run faster? Author Donny Petersen, with more than forty years of experience working on and designing Harleys, shows you how to make anything from mild to wild enhancements to your bike. He progresses from inexpensive power increases to every level of increased torque and horsepower. With graphics, pictures, and charts, Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley-Davidson, 1936 to Present offers the real deal in performancing your Harley-Davidson Evolution and guides you on a sure-footed journey to a thorough H-D Evolution performance understanding. This volume examines the theory, design, and practical aspects of Evolution performance; provides insight into technical issues; and explains what works and what doesn't in performancing the Evolution. He walks you through detailed procedures such as headwork, turbo-supercharging, nitrous, big-inch Harleys, and completing simple hop-up procedures like air breathers, exhausts, and ignition modifications. In easy-to-understand terms, Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley-Davidson, 1936 to Present shares performance secrets and provides clear guidance into what works, what does not, and what's just okay with performancing the Harley Evolution power train.

101 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Performance Projects

Creator: Chris Maida Mark Zimmerman |

Drag pipes fall into this category, as well as several stepped pipe systems. ( Stepped header pipes are used on some systems to help with scavenging.) The next style is true-dual mufflered systems, which have a separate exhaust pipe for each ...

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