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144 pages

Performance Exhaust Systems, How to Design, Fabricate, and Install

Creator: Mike Mavrigian | Transportation - 2014-08-15

This project is a complete installation of a Flowmaster performance exhaust system on a 2014 Chevrolet/GMC 1500 truck so you can see how an entire system is installed. You can follow this same basic process for installing any exhaust ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
To extract maximum performance, an engine needs an efficient, well-designed, and properly tuned exhaust system. In fact, the exhaust system's design, components, and materials have a large impact on the overall performance of the engine. Engine builders and car owners need to carefully consider the exhaust layout, select the parts, and fabricate the exhaust system that delivers the best performance for car and particular application. Master engine builder and award-winning writer Mike Mavrigian explains exhaust system principles, function, and components in clear and concise language. He then details how to design, fabricate, and fit exhaust systems to classic street cars as well as for special and racing applications. Air/exhaust-gas flow dynamics and exhaust system design are explained.  Cam duration and overlap are also analyzed to determine how an engine breathes in air/fuel, as the exhaust must efficiently manage this burned mixture. Pipe bending is a science as well as art and you’re shown how to effectively crush and mandrel bend exhaust pipe to fit your header/manifold and chassis combination. Header tube diameter and length is taken into account, as well as the most efficient catalytic converters and resonators for achieving your performance goals. In addition, Mavrigian covers the special exhaust system requirements for supercharged and turbocharged systems. When building a high-performance engine, you need a high-performance exhaust system that’s tuned and fitted to that engine so you can realize maximum performance. This comprehensive book is your guide to achieving ultimate exhaust system performance. It shows you how to fabricate a system for custom applications and to fit the correct prefabricated system to your car. No other book on the market is solely dedicated to fabricating and fitting an exhaust system in high-performance applications.  

170 pages

Chevelle/El Camino Handbook, Performance Upgrades, Tips, and Techniques for Chevelle/El Camino

Creator: Chevy High Performance Magazine | Transportation - 2004

These systems are designed to be used with the stock cast-iron exhaust manifolds. izes in large-diameter bolt-on exhaust systems for ... Flowmaster offers a similar Chevelle exhaust system kit that's intended to work on all '64- '72 Chevelles.

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Now readers can turn their Chevelle or El Camino into the ultimate street machine. Here is a compilation of tech articles from Chevy High Performance, the most popular magazine among Chevy enthusiasts. Includes articles on engine performance, tires, wheels, suspension, bodywork, exhaust, and interior modifications. It's the the latest collaboration of the authors of Hot Rod, Car Craft, Chevy High Performance, among others. Complete with over 300 photos and illustrations.

139 pages

The Camaro Performance

Creator: David Shelby | Transportation - 1993

A good high-flow muffler is also an essential ingredient in a high performance exhaust system. This Flowmaster muffler provides less back pressure than stock mufflers and has one of the "baddest" sounds of any muffler on the market.

Publisher: Penguin

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