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How to Build a Harley-Davidson Torque Monster

Creator: Bill Rook |

TUNING THE LENGTH OF YOUR INTAKE SYSTEM TO THE INDUCTION TRACT PULSE The best way to increase cylinder fill and exhaust scavenging is to tune your intake tract and exhaust tracts length to a specific rpm. For the intake tract, ...

Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook, 3rd Edition

Creator: Buzz Buzzelli |

The Vance & Hines Straight Shots have a connecting chamber between the two pipes, which helps power at all engine speeds. Attention to such details when shopping for an exhaust system will pay dividends. Vance & Hines Ul o Q. O o o III I ...

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Creator: Bill Stermer |

Here's a common sight: a stock Harley exhaust system lying on the work bench because an aftermarket system is being installed. The stock system is heavy, restrictive, and not all that attractive. An aftermarket system can allow your bike to  ...

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Harley Exhaust Comparison - Harley Performance
Harley exhaust performance comparisons of stock and drag pipe exhaust systems. How to choose the right exhaust for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

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Harley Davidson Touring: Exhaust Review and How-to
This article applies to Harley Davidson Touring models (2000-2015). Over the years, the intake and exhaust systems on Harley big twins have become restricted to meet ...

Exhaust | Harley Davidson Motorcyle Parts
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