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372 pages

Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owner's Bible, A Hands-on Guide to Getting the Most from Your Toyota Truck

Creator: Moses Ludel | Transportation - 1995

The obstacle to a dual exhaust conversion is legality. Interpretation of the 1990 Federal Clean Air Act has varied. One view states that if your cat-controlled truck has a single exhaust system, you cannot convert to dual exhaust—period.

Publisher: Bentley Publishers

About this book
A Hands-on Guide To Getting The Most From Your Toyota. The Toyota Truck & Land Cruiser Owners Bible? is the authoritative companion book for your Toyota truck, whether its a heavy hauling pickup, rugged off-road FJ40, or a new Land Cruiser thats never left pavement. Author, veteran truck mechanic and off-road expert Moses Ludel has written the only comprehensive source of information for Toyota Trucks and Land Cruisers-a history, buyers guide, service manual, and high-performance tuning book all in one Discover every aspect of Toyota trucks, from their origins in 1958 to the latest technological advances. Youll learn tips for buying the right new or used truck, and which accessories make sense for your needs. Step-by-step procedures with hundreds of photos cover basic maintenance and more complicated work, like tune-ups, valve adjustments, brake jobs and installing aftermarket suspension/lift kits. Get the hot set-up for your truck, whether you want low-end torque or high-RPM power. Moses gives specific tuning recommendations for engines from the early inline-6s to the advanced 4.5L 24-valve DJ engine. He shares expert insights into the best high performance components and the latest technology from Toyota Racing Development. Youll also find suspension and chassis modifications, and the best tire and wheel combinations. Comprehensive coverage of Toyota Trucks and Land Cruisers from 1958-1996, including: * 4Runner * SR-5 * Tacoma * T-100 * FJ25 * FJ40 * FJ43 * FJ45 * FJ55 * FJ80 * FJ60 * DJ80 * Stout * Hi-Lux * Xtra Cab * Cab and Chassis Models

363 pages

Ford F-series Pickup Owner's Bible, A Hands-on Guide to Getting the Most from Your F-series Pickup

Creator: Moses Ludel | Transportation - 1994

If determined that your engine is not original for the truck, you'll receive a non- compliance certificate and referral to a ... Under this judgement, no muffler shop can install a two-cat, dual exhaust system on a single exhaust equipped truck.

Publisher: Bentley Publishers

About this book
This is the only comprehensive source of information for Ford F-Series trucks-a history, buyer's guide, service manual, and high-performance tuning book all in one! Discover every aspect of Ford F-Series Pickups, from the origins of the first model in 1948 through the latest technological advances in today's trucks. You'll learn tips for buying the right new or used truck for your needs, which accessories make sense, and how to operate 2WD and 4WD trucks on- and off-pavement. For do-it-yourself owners, this book provides specific step-by-step procedures with hundreds of photos covering basic maintenance and more complicated work like engine tune-ups, valve adjustments, and brake jobs. It even shows you how to install an aftermarket suspension/lift kit. Even if you never work on your truck yourself, this book helps you understand the repairs that a qualified technician performs so you can communicate clearly and assure correct, cost-effective repairs. Interested in high-performance? Get the hot set-up for your truck, whether you want low end torque for trail-crawling and towing power or high RPM horsepower top speed. Ford's experts at Special Vehicle Operations teamed up with the author to give you specific tuning recommendations for engines from the early 239 flathead V-8 through the 351 Windsor and modern 302/5.0 liter and 460 V-8s. You'll also learn about proper suspension and chassis modifications and choosing the right tire and wheel combinations. Every F-Series owner should have this book in the cab or on the book shelf. It's the essential companion book for your truck.

550 pages

Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook: Material and Part Handling in Manufacturing

Creator: Philip Mitchel | Technology & Engineering - 1998

While only 10-15% of lift trucks are manufactured or converted for dual-fuel use each year, there is a demand for them. ... Diesel and gasoline engines can use special exhaust treatment devices that totally eliminate CO by combining exhaust  ...

Publisher: Society of Manufacturing Engineers

About this book
Get the expert advise you need to shrink handling costs, reduce downtime and improve efficiency in plant operations You'll use this comprehensive handbook during post design, process selection and planning, for establishing quality controls, tests, and measurements, to streamline production, and for managerial decision-making on capital investments and new automated systems.

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