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504 pages

Hot Wheels Variations, The Ultimate Guide

Creator: Michael Zarnock | Antiques & Collectibles - 2010-04-06

... as (d), black plastic window (Kmart) $5 17 #17-'69 Chevelle a. black metallic, chrome Malaysia base, gold side stripe, ... black plastic Malaysia base, black & white tampo on door w/black “Bad Mudder 2,” chrome fenders & exhaust stacks, ...

Publisher: Krause Publications

About this book
Keep a Close Eye on the Details A variation between two similar cars, whether it's a different color enamel, a different wheel, interior, base, or window can mean the difference between a car worth $1 and one worth $100. Covering 1989-2008, Hot Wheels Variations - The Ultimate Guide, 4th Edition is the largest and most comprehensive identification and price guide to variations with more than 5,500 cars listed. Collector-friendly features include: Cars listed chronologically in release order from 1989-2002 and numerically from 2003-2008 3,100 identification photos arranged in numerical order, making it easy to identify vehicles whether loose or in a pack Handy checklist making it easy for you to keep track of your growing collection Don't guess - know for sure! With Hot Wheels Variations - The Ultimate Guide, learn to spot the important differences and add value to your personal collection. Let the search begin!

524 pages


Creator: Corey Brown | Fiction - 2008-06-17

Cody looks east, checking traffic before crossing the roadway and he sees a tractor-trailer rig coming his way. The air brakes screech as a bright red Peterbilt with twin, chrome exhaust stacks shudders to a stop thirty feet behind Cody's rental.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

About this book
This children's storybook contains five African folktales. The first story explains How the Tortoise Got Its Rough Shell.  The animals had a summit with the supreme being, Eke, in the sky. Greed and lack of altruism cost the Tortoise dearly, as he crash-landed onto the roof of his hut from the sky. His broken shells were mended by Snail, but the result was a tortoise with rough shells. Altruism and concern for others are the morals of this story.   The second story which extols the pride of motherhood is on The Farmer Who Buried His Mother Alive. Donealot, the successful farmer, had no choice other than to bury his persistently sick mother in the evil forest at night with the help of his friend, Conscience. The spirits of the evil forest brought his mother back home to a remorseful son with a sobering message, "You can never do enough for your mother."   Encounters of the Lion and the Tortoise is the third story. In two separate incidents, Tortoise outwits Lion. The animals that were on their way to work for Lion never got there. Instead, Tortoise intercepted and entertained them all day with his melodious music. Wiseone, the youngest son of Tortoise, survived a murder attempt by Lion. Agunta, Lion's son, was killed instead. Wiseone returns home to a heroic welcome, with a reminder to all of us that wits usually prevail over raw strength, and that slow and steady wins the race.   The story of The Two Mischievous Brothers describes how two brothers, Kofi and Uka, conspired to swindle people. On market days, Uka would transform himself into a bull, and his brother Kofi took him to the market. Unsuspecting buyers would exchange the bull for other animals. Uka, the bull, escaped from the buyer and transformed himself back into a human, only to be resold to someone else. The two brothers ran out of luck when Nkume, the buyer with magical powers, beat them to their game. The moral of the story is that it does not pay to be a cheat.   The fifth story, Vengeance of the God of Justice Amadioha, explains the ordeal Chuk went through at the hands of his wicked stepmother, Dab. This heir to the throne of the ancient city of Kaa survived numerous

672 pages

Standard Catalog of Die-Cast Vehicles, Identification and Price Guide

Creator: Dan Stearns | Antiques & Collectibles - 2005-01-15

Chrome plastic body (bowl), metal Malaysia base, gold “Hot Wheels” logo below white toilet paper roll on rear of side (pun intended), red plastic ... int., exhaust stacks & grille, silver “Hot Wheels” logo on door, blue tint window, asw-5dot EX n/ a.

Publisher: Krause Publications

About this book
Die-cast enthusiasts and collectors will find more than 5,000 listings, along with clear, detailed photos of the most popular current and vintage die-cast vehicles from lines such as Corgi, Johnny Lightning, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Racing Champions, Tootsietoys, Dinky, GMP, Kyosho, Eagle, and more. Each listing includes a detailed description (including color, size/scale, model number, features and year), as well as up-to-date pricing in up to three grades of condition.&break;&break;This comprehensive guide will help collectors in appraising their collection, while also giving them invaluable information and inspiration to keep on collecting. Also features a convenient checklist format for collectors to track a growing collection.

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Chrome Exhaust Stacks
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