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185 pages

Big-Block Chevy Performance

Creator: Dave Emanuel | Transportation - 1995

Consequently, when two profiles are selected for a camshaft, exhaust duration is typically 6 to l 2 deg. longer than that of the intake lobe. Higher lift usually goes along with longer duration, but in the case of big- block Chevy cams, exhaust lift is ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
For decades, the big-block Chevy has dominated the streets, racetracks and offshore waters of the world with its mind-numbing torque and horsepower. It has always been the engine of choice for wild pro street machines, stock-class drag racers, off-road trucks, racing boats, tow vehicles and RVs. But when it comes to horsepower, too much is not enough. With Big-Block Chevy Performance, you'll find the right information to help you build your big-block for any high-performance application. Inside you'll find fully illustrated sections on - Engine identification - Short-block preparation - Camshafts and valvetrain - Cylinder heads - Carburetion and fuel injection - Exhaust and ignition systems - Blueprinting and assembly techniques - Dyno-tested parts combinations.

165 pages

John Lingenfelter on Modifying Small-Block Chevy Engines, High Performance Engine Building and Tuning for Street and Racing

Creator: John Lingenfelter | Technology & Engineering - 1996-01-01

The careful matching of head port flow, camshaft timing, intake manifold design and header/exhaust system are the ... For example, a small-block Chevy head with 240 cfm flow at .450-inch valve lift should have an exhaust port capable of ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
John Lingenfelter has been building, racing and winning with small-block Chevy engines since 1972, when he arrived on the drag racing scene by winning the Super Stock Eliminator class at the U.S. Nationals. Since that time, he's been a frequent visitor to the winner's circle, building and driving winning Super Stock race cars to capture 13 national titles. His success created a state-of-the-art engine building facility--Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Many of today's top drag racers run a Lingenfelter-built engine, and, since 1984, he's been building high performance engines for the street.

144 pages

How to Rebuild & Modify Chevy 348/409 Engines

Creator: John Carollo | Transportation - 2012

When the 1958 Chevy 348 was released, its system consisted of a cast-iron exhaust manifold flowing into 2-inch diameter, steel tube exhaust pipes. Then a type of H-pipe connected the dual exhaust pipes that flowed into separate mufflers ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Chevy's W-series 348 and later the 409 became legends on the street, and in particular the 409 also became a legend on the track. In the early 1960s, these engines powered a variety of GM vehicles and the Z11 Impalas at the drag strip. While these engines enjoyed a hay day in the early 1960s and pop culture status in the hot rod community, especially with the Beach Boys and their hit song "409," higher horsepower Mark IV Chevy big-block engines overshadowed these W-engines by the late 1960s. But recently, the 348s and 409s have enjoyed a high-performance renaissance and many speed manufacturers are making heads, blocks, and virtually every part for these engines. Veteran magazine writer and author John Carollo provides insightful instruction for rebuilding a stock engine and also how to build a sound performance W-engine as well. The reader is shown how to select a strong clean block, free of core shift and fatal cracks, select the best heads for a particular build, and increase the compression ratio. Selecting a camshaft and a strong connecting rod and piston combination is also an important aspect of the engine build, and all options are examined. Guidance in this book will allow you to select the right cam for a high-performance aftermarket package and a cam that won't over power a stock engine's valve train. In addition, building a large displacement stock engine of 427 inches or aftermarket block to go to 509 inches is covered. From mild to wild, from stock to modified, the book covers everything you need to know about the legendary 348-409 engines.

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