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176 pages

How to Build Honda Horsepower

Creator: Richard Holdener | Transportation - 2002

Exhaust,. Chikara. Header,. and. Removed. Cat. Comptech Cat-Back Exhaust and Header Stillen Header and No Cat ... With the popularity of the Acura Integra 1.8L “LS” motors for Civic engine swaps, it seems odd to find a dyno test that ...

Publisher: CarTech Inc

About this book
Honda performance enthusiasts all have one basic question when it comes to making their cars faster: "What parts work, and what parts don't?" The only way to answer that question is to install various parts on a car and test the power output on a dynamometer (dyno). Richard Holdener has done that in High Performance Honda Dyno Tests.Holdener's extensive testing provides dyno-proven data for all popular Honda performance parts, from air intake systems to exhausts, cams and cylinder heads to nitrous, turbos, and superchargers. There is even a chapter on engine build-ups. In addition, dyno tests on nearly every Honda model, from the single-cam DX to the 2.2L Prelude, are included. Acura models are covered as well, from the 1.8L LS through the GSR and Type R all the way up to exotic NSX. There is no better place to find performance answers than in this book.

224 pages

Luke Skywalker Can't Read, And Other Geeky Truths

Creator: Ryan Britt | LITERARY CRITICISM - 2015-11-24

Ryan Britt is . . . the Virgil you want to guide you through the inferno of geekery.

Publisher: Plume

About this book
"Ryan Britt is . . . the Virgil you want to guide you through the inferno of geekery." --Lev Grossman, author of the bestselling Magician's trilogy Pop Culture and sci-fi guru Ryan Britt has never met a monster, alien, wizard, or superhero that didn't need further analysis. Essayist Ryan Britt got a sex education from dirty pictures of dinosaurs, made out with Jar-Jar Binks at midnight, and figured out how to kick depression with a Doctor Who Netflix-binge. Alternating between personal anecdote, hilarious insight, and smart analysis, Luke Skywalker Can't Read contends that Barbarella is good for you, that monster movies are just romantic comedies with commitment issues, that Dracula and Sherlock Holmes are total hipsters, and, most shockingly, shows how virtually everyone in the Star Wars universe is functionally illiterate.   Romp through time and space, from the circus sideshows of 100 years ago to the Comic Cons of today, from darkest corners of the Galaxy to the comfort of your couch. For anyone who pretended their flashlight was a lightsaber, stood in line for a movie at midnight, or dreamed they were abducted by aliens, Luke Skywalker Can't Read is full of answers to questions you haven't thought to ask, and perfect for readers of Chuck Klosterman, Rob Sheffield, and Ernest Cline.

167 pages

Honda/Acura Performance, High Performance Street and Racing Modifications for Honda Civic/Accord and Acura

Creator: of Sport Compact Car Editors | Transportation - 1999

On the exhaust side, if the D valve is installed with the titanium retainer, a total of 18.1 grams is saved per valve. ... Although we have concentrated on the Acura Integra's VTEC B18C engine in this chapter, DPR can make these valves for ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
The first in a series of books compiled by Sport Compact Car magazine, this authoritative handbook takes on the hot rod trend of import performance. This specialized guide includes the latest how-to advice on every facet of modifying Honda Civics and Accords and Acura Integras.

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We test and develope the very best performance headers, exhausts, turbo manifolds and exhaust systems. Our product line includes performance products for Honda, Acura ...

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