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128 pages

Collector's Originality Guide Pontiac GTO 1964-1974

Transportation - 2008-12-25

Exhaust-Manifold Codes The exhaust manifold codes are generally found on the outer face of the runners. ... There was also a dealer date stamp on each plate from 1964 to 1967, which denoted the date that the GTO was delivered to the ...

About this book
Collector's Originality Guide: Pontiac GTO 1964-1974 provides a bumper-to-bumper look at every component that makes the GTO a classic, from the distinctive taillights of the 1964 GTO to the Radial Tuned Suspension of the 1974 model. Year by year, component by component, you'll discover a comprehensive and useful guide on factory specifications for restoring, re-energizing, and simply admiring the pride of Pontiac.

Ultimate American V-8 Engine Data Book, 2nd Edition

Creator: Peter C. Sessler |

The 400-cid V-8 replaced the 389-cid engine in 1967, and Pontiac kept the engine in service until 1979. The 400 ... The Ram Air engine had a hotter hydraulic- lifter camshaft, freer-flowing exhaust manifolds, a Quadrajet four- barrel carburetor (that wouldn't open all the way, which is how Pontiac limited ... In the Firebird, the engine was rated at 325 horsepower; in the GTO it was rated at 360 horsepower.

240 pages

Muscle Car Source Book, All the Facts, Figures, Statistics, and Production Numbers

Creator: Mike Mueller | Transportation - 2015-10-26

By 1967, Pontiac fans in the know knew that their favorite firm's hottest V-8 was a “Ram Air” engine, even though that label appeared nowhere in PMD nomenclature at the time. ... the Ram Air III 400 switched back to D-port heads, but was fitted with free-flowing cast-iron exhaust headers and a Power Flex fan. Advertised output (in GTO applications) remained the same as the Ram Air II: 366 horsepower.

Publisher: Motorbooks

About this book
From 1963 to 1974, muscle cars were the kings of the road--no other American automobiles have ever inspired as much passion as these classic performance cars. Muscle Car Source Book is a one-stop resource for muscle car fans. Heavily illustrated with vivid color photography of all the muscle cars from the classic era (1963-1974) and chock full of data and historical facts, this is a reference book you will not want to put down! All of the manufacturers--Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick AMC, Dodge, and Plymouth--are covered, and so are the cars, including the Camaro, Mustang, Charger, GTO, and many more! Statistics: All the performance data available for each car is presented in easily read tables. Specifications: Detailed specifications, including horsepower and torque ratings, curb weight, fuel capacity, stock wheel and tire sizes, and other key technical data unique to each model is given. Production numbers: Production information is broken down across all the performance variants and major features. Options: Major performance options available for each car including engine options, comfort features, gauge packages, and wheel-and-tire options are all outlined.

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Pontiac Exhaust Manifolds - Wallace Racing
year: part number: engine: description: 1957: 523539: 347: lh fi: 1957: 524883: 347: rh fi: 1958: 528598: 370: lh fi: 1958: 530374: 370: rh fi: 1958: 530961: 389: rh ...

Pontiac Power Net – Exhaust Manifold Codes
Pontiac Exhaust manifolds have the following casting codes. Note that these are the high performance manifolds only.

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