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Popular Science


Engineers have repackaged the two-stroke outboard motor to make it fit in a smaller space. ... "Take a two-cycle outboard engine, stand it on end, mount it transversely — sideways — tight against the transom, and cover it with a soundproofing ...

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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

176 pages

Cheap Outboards, The Beginner's Guide to Making an Old Outboard Run Forever

Creator: Max Wawrzyniak III | Sports & Recreation - 2006-06-01

You will need an engine stand. A sawhorse will work, although you may need to bolt an extension of some sort to it or the engine may be too close to the ground. Smaller engines can utilize a short chunk of 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 lumber clamped in a ...

Publisher: Breakaway Books

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* Outboard motor repair for the average guy * Fix up an old outboard and SAVE $1000 or more compared to buying a new motor!With a little know-how and a few common tools, you can fix an old motor—bring it back from the dead.  Sometimes all it takes is a squirt of WD-40 into the cylinder and a new spark plug. Or a new set of points and condensers—which do not require expert knowledge or black magic to install. Maybe the carburetor needs cleaning and adjusting. You can do it!Max E. Wawrzyniak III is an outboard motor guru. He advises you to find an old motor at a yard sale for $100 or so (and he tells you exactly which ones to look for), and fix it up—rather than spending $1500 or more on a new motor. He is a big fan of “cheap power.” Get on the water with money left in your pocket. With a basic understanding of how these motors work, a little logical thinking, and a few hours’ work, you can go boating for a fraction of what everyone else has to pay. Also—for the boater who already owns an outboard motor of any age—this book demystifies these internal-combustion marvels that can bring such frustration if they malfunction. You’ll learn how they work, and the simple things you can do to keep them running forever. What Max teaches are not only money-saving skills, but can also be life-saving, as you will no longer be helpless in the face of engine trouble on the water. His clear instructions and over one hundred color photographs will make anyone into a capable outboard mechanic. INCLUDES: What to Buy, Where to Find It, Tools Needed and Where to Begin, The Ignition System, Carburetors, Water Pump Repairs, Recoil Starters, Fuel Tanks, Propellors, Lower Units, Emergency Shut-Down, Fuel Pump Conversion, Remote Controls: Shift and Throttle, Remote Control: Steering, Tiller Conversion, Trouble-Shooting, and Onboard Spares and Tools.     This book has always been very popular and well-used in its print edition. Now it's available as an e-book so you can load it into your phone or tablet and always have this wealth of repair / maintenance information at your fingertips, even when out on your boat.

The mobility forum, the journal of the Air Mobility Command

Creator: United States. Air Mobility Command. Chief of Safety, United States. Air Mobility Command. Director of Safety | History - 1996

"Nah, back in the old days, some technician told me these engine stands can withstand hundred knot hurricane-like winds. ... The stand slammed into the outboard engine, bounced off the fuselage, and then went spinning into the field beyond ...

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An outboard motor stand is the next key accessory for making sure your boat has a long productive life while retaining as much value as possible. Make sure you choose the right stand for your outboard. outboard engine stand
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Outboard Motor Stands & Carts | Marine Products | Discount ...
Use an outboard motor stand or one of our other high quality marine products to move and service your vessel wherever it’s needed.

Large Outboard Motor Stand - Sternmaster Marine Tools
When outboard motors of any size need servicing, this heavy duty engine stand offers the ideal solution. The mounting surface simulates a transom, both in angle and thickness, keeping the outboard naturally oriented while you work.

Building an easy outboard motor stand \ cart - YouTube
Engine Fogging for Long Term or Winter Storage (Outboard Boat) - Tips from Tom - Duration: 7:19. Mortons on the Move 243,003 views


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