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208 pages

How to Rebuild & Modify Ford Flathead V-8 Engines

Creator: Mike Bishop, Vern Tardel | Transportation - 2015-06-15

Chapter. 4. Dismantling. the. Engine. Right K. R. Wilson and Manzel dealership work stands are ... Unless you are working on a recent runner—an engine plucked out of an intact old Ford car or truck, perhaps a bit tired but still capable of ...

Publisher: Motorbooks International

About this book
The ultimate Ford flathead resource for hot rodders and restorers.The last commercially produced Ford Flathead V-8 was cast over 60 years ago. Simple by today's high-tech standards, during its performance reign from the late '30s through the mid '50s, the flathead was unsurpassed for go-fast power on the cheap. It spawned the modern aftermarket speed-equipment industry and became a favorite of bootleggers, dry-lakes racers, dirt trackers, street racers, and a whole generation that just wanted fast cars.Whether you're restoring a classic Ford, building a traditional hot rod, or creating a period custom car, you'll want to get the most out of its vintage flathead V-8. In How to Rebuild & Modify Ford Flathead V-8 Engines, authors Mike Bishop and Vern Tardel, two of the most highly-regarded experts in hot rodding, give you the detailed and accurate information you need to build, restore, or just daydream about the engine that gave birth to hot rodding.Every aspect of buying, building, and owning a flathead V-8 engine is extensively covered. Go through the basics of selecting the right engine for the right project, building and rehabilitating engines, and final tuning. Diagrams and color photos bring these legendary engines to life for the hands-on hobbyist, collector, and aficionado.Keep it mild or build it wild, but either way, How to Rebuild & Modify Ford Flathead V-8 Engines will help ensure your flathead is delivering the power you need.


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K. R. Wilson Engine Stand tion engine stand said to permit unlimited selection of engine positioning during overhaul operations. The gear drive rotates through 360 deg. and can be stopped in any position without locking. The drive is crank- ...

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Engine Stand for Fords A light, simple, adjustable stand for Ford engines is made by K. R. Wilson, Bufl'alo, N. Y. The base and uprights are of cast gray iron, the engine clamps being channels. Three holes are drilled in the channels so the ...

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