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Just ask jeeves search engine

Just ask jeeves search engine - Bookshelf

272 pages

Marketing to the Social Web, How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business

Creator: Larry Weber | Business & Economics - 2009-03-27

Ask. Jeeves,. Just. Ask. I see as a microcosm of the kind of change that's taking place in search engines. It began life as, promising users they could use ordinary English to search, for example: “Who has a good value ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Social Science Resources in the Electronic Age: World history

Creator: Elizabeth H. Oakes, Mehrdad Kia | Humanities - 2004

These systems allow you to ask the search engine a question, using the same phrasing you'd use to ask a friend. ... There are still only a smattering of search engines designed to support natural language queries, with Ask Jeeves at the ...

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

347 pages

Search Engine Advertising, Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales

Creator: Catherine Seda | Business & Economics - 2004

This not only helps web surfers who want to find more exact web site listing results, but also assists marketers who want additional keyword ideas for their ad campaigns. AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, and Yahoo! are just a few of the search engines ...

Publisher: New Riders

About this book
You don't have to have the biggest name or the most dazzling graphics to lure customers to your Web site. These days, all you really need is prominent search-engine placement. This book shows you how to get it! With searching one of the most popular Internet activities, a top spot on a major search engine virtually ensures a high volume of visitors--though converting them to buyers is another story. In these pages, top Internet marketer and strategist Catherine Seda tackles both parts of that equation. First, she outlines the strategy involved in buying the specific keyword positions that will lead users directly to the page you want. Then, she describes how you can turn poor-performing ad copy into targeted sales-getters, and how you can evaluate and correct low visitor-to-buyer conversions. Beginning marketers will find the info they need to implement a Web strategy quickly, while advanced marketers will find all kinds of tips for analyzing and improving current results.

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art & literature; beauty & fashion; business & finance; education; family; food; geography; government & politics; health; history; hobbies & games; holidays ... Just Ask Jeeves a question
Ask Jeeves a Question : Just Ask our search engine any question! is a pretty good search engine, but you are here because you have questions about something.

Search Engines: Ask Jeeves | Ariadne
In this issues column I thought that I’d take another in-depth look at a search engine to see what it can offer me and my subject, this issues victim is the Ask ...

How to Search with
How to search with Ask. One thing that (formerly Ask Jeeves) ... It's the thinker's search engine - there's just so many great search features, ...

Ask Welcomes Back Jeeves, At Least In The UK, That Is
Search Engine Land is the leading industry source ... It has been well over three years since has retired Jeeves. ... Our clients don’t just work with ...


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