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538 pages

Marketing of High-technology Products and Innovations

Creator: Jakki J. Mohr, Sanjit Sengupta, Stanley F. Slater | Business & Economics - 2009

Google or Yahoo! sends out automated software "spiders" or "crawlers" that index the content of billions of pages on the Web ... Any website that wants to receive a high ranking from search engines must design its pages around the keywords that are ... This practice of designing Web pages so they will rank high in relevance when users search with certain keywords on a search engine is called search ...

Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall

About this book
The only text on the market that provides readers with the marketing information they need to successfully market high-tech products. Introduction to World of High Technology Marketing; Strategic Market Planning in; High-Tech Firms; Culture and Climate Considerations for High-Tech Companies; Market Orientation and Cross-functional (Marketing/R&D); Partnerships/Alliances and Customer Relationship Marketing; Marketing Research in High-Tech Markets; Understanding High-Tech Customers; Technology and Product Management; Distribution Channels and Supply Chain Management in High-Tech Markets; Pricing Considerations in High-Tech Markets; Marketing Communication Tools for High-Tech Markets; Strategic Considerations in Marketing Communications; Strategic Considerations for the Triple Bottom Line in High-Tech Companies MARKET: Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations provides comprehensive coverage of the latest academic research and leading-edge business practices to prepare readers for the unique challenges they will face when marketing high-tech products and services.

143 pages



We all know about the major search engines on the web, namely: Google, Yahoo , MSN, AOL, Ask, etc. ... is the best way to get the website indexed faster on Google search that is by linking your Blog to other websites or Blogs or web pages.

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

About this book
This book tries to deconstruct the enigma which surrounds Search Engine Optimisation. While website owners find the topic overwhelming, most SEO experts overly abuse the ignorant to make money. Have you invested time or money in a website or a blog and yet find no visitors coming to your website/blog? The reason may be that your website or blog is not optimised for search. But don’t rush and hire the first self-proclaimed SEO expert yet. Most of the improvements or modifications that are required can be handled by you yourself or by your website developer. This book will help you with * Understanding how Search Engines work * Understanding Search Engine Optimisation * Tips and techniques to optimise Website design * Tips and techniques to optimise content * Tips for choosing an SEO company * Handy Tools available on the web * Promoting Your website or blog

336 pages

Search Engine Optimization, Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing

Creator: Kristopher B. Jones | Computers - 2013-03-29

For Anatybcs to Add to your Site furctior, you or your web adm'n'strator must add the codoto egtch page of your website. . Learn more a CO yo u r tra c k] n 9 CO d e fro m +1 buttons let people who love your content recommend it on Google ...

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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