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165 pages

John Lingenfelter on Modifying Small-Block Chevy Engines, High Performance Engine Building and Tuning for Street and Racing

Creator: John Lingenfelter | Technology & Engineering - 1996-01-01

High Performance Engine Building and Tuning for Street and Racing John Lingenfelter ... The most populous of the small-inch Mouse motors is the 305 and its older cousin the 307. These engines are completely different bore and stroke ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
John Lingenfelter has been building, racing and winning with small-block Chevy engines since 1972, when he arrived on the drag racing scene by winning the Super Stock Eliminator class at the U.S. Nationals. Since that time, he's been a frequent visitor to the winner's circle, building and driving winning Super Stock race cars to capture 13 national titles. His success created a state-of-the-art engine building facility--Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. Many of today's top drag racers run a Lingenfelter-built engine, and, since 1984, he's been building high performance engines for the street.

Chevy Small-Block V-8 Interchange Manual, 2nd Edition

Creator: David Lewis | Chevrolet automobile - 2009

Chevrolet engineers may have thought this, too, since the 262 engine was available only for the 1975 production year. The 262 block, although small, ran well with little cylinder bore wear because of its nickel content. The 305 cid engine with ...

About this book
The small-block Chevrolet engine is the most popular engine in the world among performance enthusiasts and racers. But with its popularity come certain problems, and this book is your step-by-step go-to manual.

176 pages

How to Rebuild Your Small-Block Chevy

Creator: David Vizard | Transportation - 1991

In 1978, Corvettes came in line with the rest of the Chevrolet passenger vehicles and were fitted with a cast-iron crank. The '76 and later 305 CID engine with its 3.736-inch bore uses the 3.48-inch stroke of the 350. The 305, along with the 267 , ...

Publisher: Penguin

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