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400 pages

Idiot's Guides: Raspberry Pi

Creator: Thorin Klosowski | Computers - 2015-06-02

look like a real security camera, but they're hollow inside with no camera or other electronics inside—ideal for housing ... MCM Electronics: MCM Electronics ( is one of the official distributors of the Raspberry Piso it should ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, simple computer that's about the size of a credit card. At first glance, it looks like a simple circuit board with a few inputs and outputs, but the Raspberry Pi is actually a computer with multiple inputs and outputs that make it the foundation for an almost limitless number of projects - from creating a wireless internet streaming radio, to creating a wi-fi hot spot, to creating elaborate, programmed LED light shows - it's all been done. The real power of the RPi is that it's simple, cheap, and users can build all kinds of useful and fun projects using a few simple tools, some basic programming, and a ton of imagination. Idiot's Guides: Raspberry Pi is the perfect beginner book for learning how the Raspberry Pi works, how to program it, how to connect it to existing devices to enhance or even hack their existing functionality, and how to put together some basic first projects from scratch. Readers will learn how to download and use the right software for the job, how to program using Scratch (a basic language for programming Linux), and how to come up with their own crazy project ideas for creating virtually anything that requires nothing more than processing power from a simple computer.

560 pages

Practical Electronics, Components and Techniques

Creator: John M. Hughes | Computers - 2015-03-16

... Shed MCM Electronics http://www.mcmelectronics. com/ SparkFun ... electronics distributors sell things like etchant and single- and double-side clad PCB blanks with photo-resist applied.

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
How much do you need to know about electronics to create something interesting, or creatively modify something that already exists? If you’d like to build an electronic device, but don’t have much experience with electronics components, this hands-on workbench reference helps you find answers to technical questions quickly.Filling the gap between a beginner’s primer and a formal textbook, Practical Electronics explores aspects of electronic components, techniques, and tools that you would typically learn on the job and from years of experience. Even if you’ve worked with electronics or have a background in electronics theory, you’re bound to find important information that you may not have encountered before.Among the book’s many topics, you’ll discover how to:Read and understand the datasheet for an electronic componentUse uncommon but inexpensive tools to achieve more professional-looking resultsSelect the appropriate analog and digital ICs for your projectSelect and assemble various types of connectorsDo basic reverse engineering on a device in order to modify (hack) itUse open source tools for schematic capture and PCB layoutMake smart choices when buying new or used test equipment

638 pages

Arduino: A Technical Reference, A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers

Creator: J. M. Hughes | Computers - 2016-05-16

... URL Name Maker Shed MCM Electronics SainSmart SparkFun Stanley Velleman Name URL ... Most major electronics distributors sell things like etchant and single and doublesided copper clad PCB blanks with ...

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

About this book
Rather than yet another project-based workbook, Arduino: A Technical Reference is a reference and handbook that thoroughly describes the electrical and performance aspects of an Arduino board and its software.This book brings together in one place all the information you need to get something done with Arduino. It will save you from endless web searches and digging through translations of datasheets or notes in project-based texts to find the information that corresponds to your own particular setup and question.Reference features include pinout diagrams, a discussion of the AVR microcontrollers used with Arduino boards, a look under the hood at the firmware and run-time libraries that make the Arduino unique, and extensive coverage of the various shields and add-on sensors that can be used with an Arduino. One chapter is devoted to creating a new shield from scratch.The book wraps up with detailed descriptions of three different projects: a programmable signal generator, a "smart" thermostat, and a programmable launch sequencer for model rockets. Each project highlights one or more topics that can be applied to other applications.

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