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234 pages

Beauty Emerges

Creator: Dominique Adair | Fiction - 2010-01-01

Jane Porter is looking to end her self-imposed celibacy with a master who's willing to explore her sensual nature. Men looking for happily-ever-after need not apply.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

About this book
Seducing… Jane Porter is looking to end her self-imposed, year-long celibacy with a master who’s willing to explore the depths of her sensual nature. Men looking for happily-ever-after need not apply. Antonio Villareal is a master on the hunt for a submissive. The moment he sees Jane on the arm of another man, he wants to possess her, body and soul. - Educating… Antonio is well aware that Jane is determined to keep their sexual relationship temporary, but he has other plans. Within hours of their first meeting, he introduces her to his best friend, and together they set out to unleash her inner submissive. - Reinventing… Jane’s weekend of heady sexual freedom is drawing to a close. She arrives at the final event, a masquerade ball, escorted by her masters, then discovers that the party isn’t the only item on their agenda. Antonio and Santos have no intention of letting Jane retreat to her everyday life. This night, if they have their way, Beauty will emerge from her shell—for good.

144 pages

The Theory and Practice of Cylinder Head Modification

Creator: David Vizard | 1973

191 pages

Weber Carburettors Owners Workshop Manual

Creator: John Harold Haynes, A. K. Legg | Automobiles - 1979


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