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Recycling (Waste, etc.) - 2008

... Magnetic Group (58) 58 EScrap News (302) 49 E-Scrap 2008: The North American Electronics Recycling Conference ... Fast Casual magazine (Louisville, Kentucky) has published a new report that informs restaurant owners on how to do ...

236 pages

We Truck Louisville, Life Always Needs to Be Protected

Creator: Beverly Feathers | Fiction - 2011-07-22

The truckers were waging a war against the drug takeover of Louisville, Kentucky with battle cries as they drove through the city.

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

About this book
The truckers were waging a war against the drug takeover of Louisville, Kentucky with battle cries as they drove through the city. Drivers changed their routes so they could join the yells. They refused to accept loads from the Louisville businesses. Bonnie had been a trucker that was ruthlessly robbed by dope dealers. She had only married Carl Silas Blake,MD because of money. Fighting the drug dealers, any way that she could, without telling her husband, was all she that could do to avenge the Louisville exiles that had been torn from their land.

404 pages

The Omni Diet, The Revolutionary 70% PLANT + 30% PROTEIN Program to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, Fight Inflammation, and Change Your Life Forever

Creator: Tana Amen | Health & Fitness - 2013-04-16

Outlines a scientifically based nutrition and lifestyle program that bridges the gap between plant-based and high-protein programs, detailing three short-term transition phases and a long-term maintenance plan that covers disease prevention ...

Publisher: Macmillan

About this book
By the time she had reached her mid-30s, Tana Amen had nearly given up on good health. Through a lifetime of chronic medical ailments, including severe digestive issues, recurrent infections and, most devastatingly, a battle with thyroid cancer, there was never a point when Tana felt consistently healthy. Doctors ascribed her poor health to genetics, bad luck, and a family history of obesity and heart disease. But even when Tana committed to a standard fitness and eating regimen, her health failed to improve.That's when she realized that she needed to make a real change. She needed to figure out how to improve her health . . . for good.The Omni Diet is the culmination of a decade-long quest by Tana Amen to study the relationship between food and the body, and to understand how proper nutrition not only impacts weight loss, but actually holds the key to reversing chronic disease, decreasing inflammation, healing the body, and dramatically improving quality of life. So what is The Omni Diet? It's an easy-to-follow plan based on a 70/30 plant-to-protein model. This is not a restrictive diet or another page in the high-protein vs. vegetarian diet wars, but a universal map to better health, one that Tana has distilled into a lean six-week program. It offers a simple plan that provides an abundance of illness-fighting nutrients from plant-based foods and high-quality protein to keep the brain sharp and muscles and organs functioning at peak condition. The balance of 70% plant-based foods and 30% protein restores energy, slashes risk of disease, optimizes brain and hormone functioning, produces dramatic weight loss, and promotes health from the inside out. With delicious and satisfying recipes, easy-to-follow exercises, and important advice and tips, you will see results -- in your weight and overall health – immediately. Follow this revolutionary, paradigm-shifting plan and experience its life-changing results as you unleash the healing power of food.

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