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288 pages

Global Supply Chain Ecosystems, Strategies for Competitive Advantage in a Complex, Connected World

Creator: Mark Millar | Business & Economics - 2015-06-03

The power of digital networks increases consumer connectedness across the world – over one billion people are connected through Facebook. ... However, for order fulfilment and delivery, the global supply chain ecosystems operate in the physical world. Whether FMCG, consumer electronics or garment industries, the consumer products that were easily ordered online have to physically travel across ...

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

459 pages

Managing the Global Supply Chain

Creator: Tage Skjott-Larsen | Business & Economics - 2007

The supply chain has become truly global, coupled with its positive and negative consequences. ... In the West, we take it for granted that we can buy fresh vegetables, fashion clothes, and sophisticated consumer electronics from everywhere.

Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press DK

About this book
The world today faces global competition. The supply chain is a vital part of the globalization process. Presenting a global view of the scope and complexity of supply chain management, this book reflects the rapid change that has taken place within the supply chain and its environment. This third edition has been fully updated with recent changes in concepts, technology, and practice. Integration and collaboration are keywords in future competition. Firms must be agile and lean at the same time. The book gives an insightful overview of the conceptual foundations of the global supply chain, as well as current examples of the best practice of managing supply chains in a global context.

528 pages

Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective

Creator: John J. Coyle, Robert A. Novack, Brian Gibson, Edward J. Bardi | Business & Economics - 2015-04-08

TSI is only six months away from a huge industry event, the Consumer Electronics Show. ... Butler can find a contract manufacturer to assemble Techno- Shades and fill the U.S. supply chain concurrently with the Consumer Electronics Show.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

About this book
Delivering comprehensive coverage of current domestic and global trends, TRANSPORTATION: A SUPPLY CHAIN PERSPECTIVE, 8E equips readers with a solid understanding of what is arguably the most critical−and complex−component of global supply chains. Taking a managerial approach, the text explains the fundamental role and importance of transportation in companies and in society, as well as the complex environment in which transportation service is provided today. It provides a framework and foundation for the role of transportation from a micro and macro perspective in supply chains. It also offers an overview of the operating and service characteristics, cost structure, and current challenges faced by current providers of transportation. In addition, the authors spotlight a variety of critical transportation management issues, providing insightful discussions of the strategic activities and challenges involved in the movement of goods through the supply chain. Completely up to date, the Eighth Edition features new readings, cases, and examples. It emphasizes global topics throughout, includes new coverage of hard and soft technology, and offers expanded discussions of fuel, energy, managerial, economic, and environmental issues.Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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