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Digital America, U.S. Consumer Electronics Industry Today

Household electronics industry - 2004

141 pages

Computer Modelling Methodology for Shredding of End of Life Consumer Electronic Devices


US households in 2005 according to the Consumer Electronics Association's 2005 Market Research Report [Consumer Electronics Association 2005]. To protect the environment, these must be processed and recycled rather than discarded at ...

Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
Quality control of the intermediate recycling products is of critical importance to reach recycling targets determined by economic and environmental considerations. Thus the shredding operation plays an important role in the whole recycling system since it affects the characteristics (size, composition, etc.) of the intermediate recycling streams and thus the ultimate material recovery and the recycling rate. Accurate knowledge of the shredder output is needed to optimise the mutual compatibility of the successive processes in the recycling system. To optimise material recovery and to minimize waste generation in recycling end of life electronic products, and to get better understanding of the shredding process and thus better quality control of the intermediate products created during shredding, a computer simulation model for shredder is developed and presented in this thesis. This is of critical importance to reach recycling targets. Results from the simulation model may also provide suggestions for the designer of electronic products in the view of the relationship between product design and recycling rate.

BoogarLists | Directory of Industry Associations Fax Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 1919 South Eads Street Arlington, VA 22202 Tel. 1.866. 858.1555 Fax 1.703.907.7675 Consumer Electronics Linux Forum ( CELF) ...

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