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Chicago tribune - 2000

112 pages

Journey to Gameland, How to Make a Board Game from Your Favorite Children's Book

Creator: Ben Buchanan, Carol J. Adams, Susan Allison | Games - 2001

Suggests ways to use the plot, themes, and characters of children's books to create an original board game, and provides advice on beginning and ending a game, developing complications, making the board and pieces, and other details.

Publisher: Lantern Books

About this book
Take a journey through your favorite book and transform it into a board game! Choose your characters, design your board, and create obstacles and other fun activities all according to what happens in your favorite book. Learn how to take the joy of reading to another level and discover your own creativity. Eleven-year-old Ben Buchanan, who created a board game based on the popular Harry Potter books, provides advice for all children who would like to turn their favorite book into a board game. Along with his co-authors, he offers a step-by-step process, with suggestions for parents, librarians, and teachers, on how to help children transform their favorite book into a board game. The book shows how you can have hours of fun creating the board game--and then have lots more hours of fun playing! Journey to Gameland encourages children to develop their own creativity.

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