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905 pages

Dynamics of Physical Systems

Creator: Robert H. Cannon | Technology & Engineering - 2003-06-16

Demonstration of the electrical analogy for hydraulic systems is offered in Problems 4.13 through 4.20. 4.2 THE ELECTRICAL ANALOG OF MECHANICAL SYSTEMS The most important analogy in the development of system dynamics has ...

Publisher: Courier Corporation

About this book
A comprehensive text and reference for a first study of system dynamics and control, this volume emphasizes engineering concepts — modeling, dynamics feedback, and stability, for example — rather than mechanistic analysis procedures designed to yield routine answers to programmable problems. Its focus on physical modeling cultivates an appreciation for the breadth of dynamic systems without resorting to analogous electric-circuit formulation and analysis. After a careful treatment of the modeling of physical systems in several media and the derivation of the differential equations of motion, the text determines the physical behavior those equations connote: the free and forced motions of elementary systems and compound "systems of systems." Dynamic stability and natural behavior receive comprehensive linear treatment, and concluding chapters examine response to continuing and abrupt forcing inputs and present a fundamental treatment of analysis and synthesis of feedback control systems. This text's breadth is further realized through a series of examples and problems that develop physical insight in the best traditions of modern engineering and lead students into richer technical ground. As presented in this book, the concept of dynamics forms the basis for understanding not only physical devices, but also systems in such fields as management and transportation. Indeed, the fundamentals developed here constitute the common language of engineering, making this text applicable to a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. 334 figures. 12 tables.

319 pages

Power Transmission, Mechanical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electrical

Creator: Thomas E. Scott | Technology & Engineering - 2000

Focusing on the application of technology--not the design of machinery--this volume is designed to help manufacturing technologists and technical managers make intelligent, well-founded decisions regarding power transmission in ...

Publisher: Pearson College Division

About this book
Focusing on the application of technology--not the design of machinery--this volume is designed to help manufacturing technologists and technical managers make intelligent, well-founded decisions regarding power transmission in manufacturing processes. Using a cross-disciplinary approach that relates mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical concepts and examples, it presents a straightforward development from the basic elements to the complex systems that achieve the full spectrum of manufacturing tasks in industry. It is not a "how to," but rather an exposé of alternative approaches that can be weighed in the context of cost, ease of implementation, efficiency, flexibility, adaptability, and other payoff factors that lead to profitable approaches to manufacturing. Features numerous descriptive and illustrative figures and problems, an no sophisticated mathematics. MECHANICAL POWER TRANSMISSION. Simple Machines--Mechanical Devices. Mechanical Power Transmission (Gears. Belts and Chains). Mechanical Power Transmission (Clutches, Couplings, Bearings). Specialized Devices. FLUID POWER TRANSMISSION. Hydraulics. Pneumatics. ELECTRICAL POWER TRANSMISSION. Electricity and Electromagnetism. Electric Motors. PRIME MOVERS--HEAT ENGINES. Heat Engines--Principle of Operation. Heat Engines--Types and Examples. Industrial Control. For manufacturing technologists and technical managers responsible for power transmission and its applications.

90 pages

Electric versus hydraulic drives

Creator: Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Great Britain). Engineering Manufacturing Industries Division, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Great Britain). Automobile Division, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Great Britain). Railway Division, Institution of Electrical Engineers | Technology & Engineering - 1983-12

Publisher: Society of Automotive Engineers

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