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893 pages

One Thousand Ways to Make a Living, Or, An Encyclopaedia of Plans to Make Money

Creator: Harold Morse Dunphy | Occupations - 1919

Punch press and machine work, and occupations listed under deafness. Injured spine. Drafting, inspection work, light assembly work, checking, timekeeping, messenger, gatekeeper, small electric machine operator, traveling-crane operator, ...

Monograph, Vocational Rehabilitation Series: To the disabled soldier and sailor in the hospital. November 1918

People with disabilities - 1918

Loss cf both Legs Upholstering, drafting, checkins, inspecting, gatekeeper, timekeeper, clerk, information, employment department, machine operator, small assembly work, testing of electrical equipment, soldering, pyrometer checker in heat ...

208 pages

Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism

Creator: Melissa Wright | Social Science - 2013-01-11

work. “The work we do here is what men usually do. We get guys who have worked on their cars or have some kind of ... for a lot less money than we were doing it in Europe or in the U.S.” The hiring of women to work in electrical assembly ...

Publisher: Routledge

About this book
Everyday, around the world, women who work in the Third World factories of global firms face the idea that they are disposable. Melissa W. Wright explains how this notion proliferates, both within and beyond factory walls, through the telling of a simple story: the myth of the disposable Third World woman. This myth explains how young women workers around the world eventually turn into living forms of waste. Disposable Women and Other Myths of Global Capitalism follows this myth inside the global factories and surrounding cities in northern Mexico and in southern China, illustrating the crucial role the tale plays in maintaining not just the constant flow of global capital, but the present regime of transnational capitalism. The author also investigates how women challenge the story and its meaning for workers in global firms. These innovative responses illustrate how a politics for confronting global capitalism must include the many creative ways that working people resist its dehumanizing effects.

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