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Automotive electrical symbols

Automotive electrical symbols - Bookshelf

192 pages

Automotive Electrical Equipment

Creator: Kohli | 1983-06-01

1.27. When there are additional turns, the lines of force also circle them, thus combining the magnetic field. Fig. 1.27 The manner in which lines of force emerge. Electrical Symbols In order to simplify the depiction of automobile circuits, various ...

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

159 pages

Automotive Electrical Handbook

Creator: Jim Horner | Transportation - 1986

This symbol is difficult to draw freehand, so if neatness is important, buy a template of standard electrical symbols at an art- or drafting-supply store. Write the fuse's amperage rating next to the symbol. Fusible links are drawn as an ordinary ...

Publisher: Penguin

About this book
Discusses basic electrical theory, shows how to wire a car, and looks at electrical controls, useful tools and supplies, circuit diagrams, and traile wiring.

408 pages

Hillier's Fundamentals of Automotive Electronics

Creator: V. A. W. Hillier | Juvenile Nonfiction - 1996

When two bodies are equally charged with electrical energy of the same polarity, e.g. positive and positive, a force is needed ... Diagrams of electrical systems are shown in pictorial or theoretical form; in the latter, graphical symbols are used to ...

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

About this book
In this edition of the classic automotive electronics text, the author has revisited and revised all aspects of this rapidly developing technology. Adapted and expanded to meet all the requirements of motor vehicle NVQs at levels 2 and 3, this is the definitive student text.

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