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238 pages

Building Bots, Designing and Building Warrior Robots

Creator: William Gurstelle | Science - 2003

Caztek Inc. 5336 ElliotAve. S Minneapolis, MN 55417 (612) 825 -1272 CAD and precision machining services for the robot builder. Mike Konshak's Robot Dojo Large selection ofCAD drawings of many commonly used parts. ... 499 Ocean Avenue East Rockaway, NY 11518 ( 516) 599-5010 Mechanical and drivetrain parts. KW Marketing 1488 ...

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

About this book
This is the definitive guide to designing and building warrior robots like those seen on BattleBots, Robotica, and Robot Wars. It walks robot enthusiasts of all ages step-by-step through the design and building process, enabling them to create any number of customized warrior robots. With a strong emphasis on safety, chapters include designing a robot, choosing materials, radio control systems, electric motors, robot batteries, motor speed controllers, gasoline engines, and drive trains. Clear instructions are accompanied by photos, line drawings, and detailed diagrams throughout. A color section showcases a variety of glorious fighting machines. For beginners, there is machine shop 101 and robot physics, and, of course, chapters on weaponry that include spinner robots, thwackbots, cutting blade robots, lifters, and chameleon robots. When the bot of their dreams is built, suggestions on where to compete and game-day strategies and tactics help readers take the next step. An extensive resource section lists parts suppliers, pertinent Web sites, a radio frequency chart, and a glossary.

466 pages

Integrated Computer-Aided Design in Automotive Development, Development Processes, Geometric Fundamentals, Methods of CAD, Knowledge-Based Engineering Data Management

Creator: Mario Hirz, Wilhelm Dietrich, Anton Gfrerrer, Johann Lang | Technology & Engineering - 2013-06-22

sketches and car body shape concepts is supported by initial packaging studies and ergonomic drawings. In later steps, the car styling has to take into account technical and legislative requirements in detail, such as space for the drivetrain ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
The automotive industry faces constant pressure to reduce development costs and time while still increasing vehicle quality. To meet this challenge, engineers and researchers in both science and industry are developing effective strategies and flexible tools by enhancing and further integrating powerful, computer-aided design technology. This book provides a valuable overview of the development tools and methods of today and tomorrow. It is targeted not only towards professional project and design engineers, but also to students and to anyone who is interested in state-of-the-art computer-aided development.The book begins with an overview of automotive development processes and the principles of virtual product development. Focusing on computer-aided design, a comprehensive outline of the fundamentals of geometry representation provides a deeper insight into the mathematical techniques used to describe and model geometrical elements. The book then explores the link between the demands of integrated design processes and efficient data management. Within automotive development, the management of knowledge and engineering data plays a crucial role. Some selected representative applications provide insight into the complex interactions between computer-aided design, knowledge-based engineering and data management and highlight some of the important methods currently emerging in the field.

1873 pages

Robotics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

Creator: Management Association, Information Resources | Technology & Engineering - 2013-10-31

During the meeting, the youth were told that a mechanical engineering graduate student, Josh, would be coming the following day to help the ... In fact, Josh helped the team to create the previous year's robot, so in some ways the youth were already drawing on his support when they ... The design groups were created around different parts of the robot: the drivetrain and base, the arm, and the gripper.

Publisher: IGI Global

About this book
As mechanical and cybernetic technologies gain prominence and usability, robots have become ever more present in our everyday lives, with applications in education, transportation, and the workforce. Robotics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications explores some of the most recent developments in robotic motion, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interaction. The chapters in this extensive multi-volume reference source provide insight into a wide variety of applications and functional areas: from robots used in educational and medical settings to autonomous military and exploratory machines. Scientists, engineers, specialists, and programmers will all find valuable information and insight within these pages, applicable to a multitude of fields and professions.

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