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Hot Rod

Automobiles, Racing - 1973-07

Muskegon, Michigan, custom car builder cided to beat General Motors to the punch by creating his own mid-engine Corvette, ... Following that was a pair of Corvettes that were primarily built to compete in local road race events. ... at his favorite local junkyard and happened upon an automatic transmission from a front-wheel-drive Cadillac Eldorado. ... Shortly thereafter he came across an Eldo differential assembly complete with axle shafts, and several wrecked late-model Corvettes.

Car and Driver

Automobile drivers - 1978

FIREBIRD Continued Don't expect to find such an exotic transmission offered on any new-car order blank, however. ... In the tradition of all good hot-rod parts, the Doug Nash five-speed is race- proven. ... There are also two output-shaft splines available, so most driveshaft yokes slide right in. ... on a five-speed will deliver, we tested three different transmission-axle configurations in an otherwise stock 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. The test car happened to be equipped with air conditioning, ...

136 pages

Popular Mechanics


Here's what's hot and what's not. ... You can turn your truck into a sports car, a heavy-load hauler, an off-road racer or a flashy showpiece just by adding the ... this hot rod Dakota lowrider (right). for appearance only. ... The extra weight alone puts more stress on your suspension, brakes and drivetrain. ... By going to taller tires, you raise the final drive ratio and put extra stress on the clutch and transmission. ... Universal adapter snaps on; accepts bayonet, hook, pin type applications.

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