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210 pages

Modeling and Optimization Under Uncertainty of Drivetrain Dynamics for Clunk Disturbance


CHAPTER TWO BOND GRAPH AND BLOCK DIAGRAM MODELING An analytical model of the entire vehicle is needed in order to simulate the driveline clunk event. The model must include all necessary complexity to capture the clunk event.

Publisher: ProQuest

280 pages

Computer Simulation of the Effects of Automobile Drivetrain Variations on Fuel Economy and Emissions

Creator: Daniel R. Kapellen | 1974

Figure Number Page 5.15 Third Gear Transmission Efficiency 49 5.16 Transmission Gear Efficiency Block Diagram 53 5.17 Transmission Gear Efficiency Flow Diagram 54 5.18 Three-Speed Automatic Gearshift Characteristics 56 5.19 ...

538 pages

Automotive Mechatronics, Automotive Networking, Driving Stability Systems, Electronics

Creator: Konrad Reif | Technology & Engineering - 2014-08-25

Drivetrain ECUs MEG drivetrain ECUs (MEG = engine ETC/EGAS transmission) are based on the standard printed circuit board ... As the block diagram in Figure 3 shows, the main advantage of this ECU lies in the fact that specific electronic ...

Publisher: Springer

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